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The Pet Owner's Chronicles VOL.2

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Pet owners have submitted their pet stories. These pets have been picked out of several submissions for their loyalty, courage, playfulness and agility. Do you have stories, jokes, or other interesting facts about your pet? Share them on!
6. Duke
Breed: Newfie
Submitted by: John R.

This is Duke, a 130 pound, 8 year old Newfie that has an unbelievable amount of hair. He came by way of my late brother-in-law and ended up in Topeka, Kansas. I could of never imagined what an adventure this was going to be. Duke loves to get a big hug and have his belly scratched. I think that's what got me giving that big guy a hug and seeing the look on his face. He has taught me that you can never judge a book by its cover. That berserk dog is actually a fun loving part of our family, making us laugh when he makes all the funny noises and expressions. And cry when he gets the cake we were going to have for dessert. He is a great dog. He has taught me well.
7. PaSnookie
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Submitted by: Kathy F.

PaSnookie came to us as a baby of 4-5 weeks old by following one of our older cats home. She was terrified and cried and cried. We continued to call out to her cries and finally found her in a neighbor's yard. She was starving! My husband bottle fed her for two more weeks. PaSnookie blasts into the house and responds to a certain high pitched whistle I make. We have several other cats. She fits right in and is the first one for treats.


8. Hannah-Hannah Bo-Banna
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Location: East Hampstead, NH
Submitted by: Nan S.

Hannah-Bo spends her days making others happy. Hannah-Hannah Bo-Nana is a rescue shelter dog that we rescued in 1997. We believe in supporting shelters as best as we can. She is a joyful, loving, pet therapy dog that visits nursing homes to cheer up Alzheimers patients. Hannah-Hannah Bo-Bana's favorite treats that we get from Entirely Pets are the Z Ridge Dental Chew Medium Bones Carrot. Hannah-Bo also loves to play with the Nobbly Wobbly and the Crazy Pet Bumble Ball. One of her favorite activities is playing hide and seek...with her sister Ananda Shekinah! We have been truly blessed to have Hannah-Bo and Shekinah in our lives.
Hannah-Hannah Bo-Banna
9. Latisha
Breed: Flowerhorn Cichlid
Location: Oakland, CA
Submitted by: Tak

Latisha is a 2-3 year old Flowerhorn cichlid currently housed in a 40 gallon tank. The tank-mates are a Pleco and an Ornate Bichir. Latisha does not get along with many other fish as often displayed with his aggressive behavior. He’s quite the aggressive eater with pellets, freeze dried krill and bloodworms as his favorites. The Flowerhorn (also called Luohan) is a hybrid cichlid thought to be man-made from numerous cichlid species from South and Central America. Flowerhorns, unlike most hybrids, are fertile. Flowerhorns are considered to bring good fortune in particular to the hump of adult males that resemble the Chinese god of longevity. Flowerhorns can grow up to 16 inches, requiring a large aquarium for housing.

10. Lola
Breed: Tibetan Spaniel
Submitted by: Laura N.

Lola is 3 years old, which is my only baby. She's a Tibetan Spaniel that was bred by Buddhist monks where they served as companions, watch dogs and prized possessions. Known as the "prayer dog" dating back to at least 1100 B.C., Lola may be an ancestor to the Pekingese but their origins are very vague. I'm so attached to Lola since I brought her home from the pet store when she was only 2 months old. Lola is bright, inquisitive and curious to investigate everything. She's not afraid of anything when approaching things that are dangerous such as large animals or machinery. Lola is contrary about coming to me when I call and mostly will play "you can't catch me". Lola is everything that I would love about a dog… she's fun, full of energy, affectionate, loves to walk, loves to chase and be chased with other dogs, she loves to be outdoor/indoor with me whether we are doing something or nothing at all.


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