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Pet Supplies

Whether you're looking for a Halloween costume for Fido or a self-cleaning litterbox for Fluffy, EntirelyPets has it. A veritable pet superstore you can shop from home, our selection of supplies can't be beat. We carry the most adorable apparel for your pups, including sweaters, tees and dresses. We even offer a selection of sports jerseys for your four-legged friend. While some of our items are perfect for spoiling your pet, we also carry pet sunglasses, life vests and shoes to protect them from the elements and keep them safe outdoors.

We also offer the largest selection of dog beds and accessories to make sure your pup is as comfortable as can be. Orthopedic beds, heated beds and pet cots are just a few of the items we have available. If your pooch is getting older and is having trouble getting around the house, take a look at our stairs and ramps, which will help assist them when they want to get up on their favorite couch or need help getting into the car.

Keep your kitty nice and cozy with our cat trees and cat condos, which offer a perfect spot to curl up and relax. Many of our cat trees feature feathers or little balls which will keep your cat entertained for hours. They also include little cubbies for a quick cat nap.

We carry an impressive selection of feeding supplies with everything from slow-feed bowls for dogs who tend to eat too fast, to automatic feeders and waterers. Taking Fido for a walk in the park? We have travel water bowls that fold up and are easy to carry. EntirelyPets also carries everything you need to potty train your dog and litter train your cat, in addition to cleaning supplies for those unavoidable accidents.

Whether you've just brought home your very first pet, or you've had animals all your life, EntirelyPets has everything you and your pets could possibly need. Browse our selection of supplies.