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Greenies Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Forumla 3.2 oz (30 count)

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GREENIES Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke

Tired of trying to force your dog to take his medicine? Why not simplify things with Greenies Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Flavor Treats? Not only are these little pockets perfect for hiding medicine---whether it’s a pill, a tablet, a capsule or a liquid medication---but they’re also healthy and nutritious! Greenies Pill Pockets Canine Hickory Smoke Flavor Dog Treats provide a healthy antioxidant blend of vitamin C and E to promote your dog’s healthy immune system. So go on and give your dog his medicine with a treat!

  • Built-in pouch that's ideal for hiding pills, capsules, tablets and liquid medication
  • Veterinarian-recommended
  • Antioxidant blend of vitamin C & E for immune system health
  • Made in the USA
  • Great as a treat!
  • Ingredients

    Rehydrated chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, dried corn syrup, dried cultured skim milk, natural flavors, caramel color, natural hickory smoke flavor, sodium bisulfate, xanthan gum, preserved with mixed tocopherols.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min) ...11%
    Crude Fat (min) ...10%
    Crude Fiber (max) ...1%
    Moisture (max) ... 31%

    Useful Information

    Feed as a treat
    1. Hold pill pocket treat with your thumb and forefinger, insert pill/medication.
    2. Using the same hand holding the pill pockets treat, squeeze the top half closed.
    3. The pill pockets treat is now sealed, feed your dog.

    Customer Reviews

    47 Reviews
    83% (39)
    9% (4)
    4% (2)
    2% (1)
    2% (1)
    91% Recommend this product (43 of 47 responses)
    By Bulldog M.
    Columbia, CT
    January 8, 2019
    Greenies Pill Pockets
    I purchased these however went back to the Milk Bone pill pockets. The Greenies pockets I received were so dried out you could barely form them around the capsules my dog needs to take. The Hickory Smoke were better than the Chicken ones however both were small for putting capsules in. I can put 2 capsules in the Milk Bone brand. I will not buy again.
    ConsDried out, too small
    By Wendy S.
    Farmington Hills, MI, USA
    October 30, 2018
    Dog cookie medicine helpers
    These pill pockets are great! My dog needs to take a pill in the AM & PM and is very fussy - he has loved all of the flavors, peanut butter, hickory and chicken. You just put the pill in, pinch the cookie (because they are pretty soft) and he chews it ut!
    ProsEase of use and dog loves them
    By David S.
    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    September 29, 2018
    The products were delivered on time.
    I've been using the pills for a long time and my dear dog loves its.
    By rubydee
    New Jersey
    May 27, 2018
    great price for pill pockets
    I purchased the greenies Pill Pockets, several bags. When doing so I purchased the pill pockets for dogs instead of cats. When trying to get a return shipping label, the company would not honor one. I am stuck with several bags of Pill pockets for dogs. Unhappy about that.
    By Wojski
    Hillsborough, NC
    September 8, 2017
    Greenies Pill Pockets, Hickory Smoke Flawor
    I do not know what's in those pockets(Hickory )but My "Boss" Cock-a-Poo, thinks that's is only His secret and swallows the medicine no matter what and is "crazy " about it! It's became His best treat for which patiently waits every day by the pantry!
    It's funny how He would sniff and promptly spit any attempt to hide meds in countless things without success?! Hickory Pockets Did it in flying colors!!! Bravo!!! and Thank You!
    By Bea L.
    Lakewood, CO
    July 16, 2017
    Hickory Pill Pockets
    My dog does not like the smell of these and turns his head away. He does eventually eat the pill, but he likes the chicken flavor much better.
    The pill pockets are nice and soft, and pliable around the pill.
    By Becker
    January 6, 2017
    Desperation Cat
    After using the chicken flavored for about a month, the peanut butter one for about a week and "putty" one, I tried this one out of desperation. No way. Total refusal. But now he will take one occasionally.
    By TC
    November 14, 2016
    Perfect pill hider
    WOW, this really makes giving pill/capsules easy to my pets. I buy the smoke flavor as it hides the taste of split pills better. I can slide 2 pills in one of these.
    By 4kcksu
    October 21, 2016
    Love taking pills
    If you have to give your pets, these are the best!!
    By smallz
    August 6, 2016
    Review for GREENIES Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Formula 7.9 oz (30 count)
    my dogs love the hickory flavor best. I wish we could get these in a bundle package like the chicken kind.
    By none
    May 11, 2016
    Review for GREENIES Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Formula 7.9 oz (30 count)
    Greenie's Pill Pockets are the best way for me to give my dog his daily pill. I'm not putting my hand into his mouth! (very sharp teeth!)
    By Patti
    May 2, 2016
    Greeneis Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Tablet
    My dog loves these. Makes it so easy to give my dog her pills. Plus they are a third of the cost at Entirely Pets than what you would pay at Petco or Petsmart.
    By Patti
    May 2, 2016
    Greenies Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Capsule
    The price you pay at Entirely Pets is one third the price you pay for the same product a Petco or Petsmart... Really saves me money in the long run. I have no problem giving my Yellow Lab a large capsule. She swallows it right down with the pill pocket.
    By Bruty D.
    March 24, 2016
    Yummy Yummy Yummy!
    I have to take lots of pills because I have IBS. My Mom hides them in this stuff. She thinks I don't know that, but I do know and I don't care because these are soooo smoky and yummy, I just swallow them whole without chewing, and they slide right down! She breaks them in half and rolls it with her thumb like a gnocchi, then puts the capsule in it, then wraps the sides up around it. This makes it skinnier and easier to swallow. She can even hide one of those humongous fish oil capsules in it this way! Then, it's like, eat them up, YUM!
    By vnapper
    October 27, 2015
    Should be called Hide-Aways
    I use the pill pockets to get a lutein oil pill down my 13 year-old dog in the morning. She loves the flavor and usually doesn't even stop to chew more than once or twice. The pockets are pretty big and allow a good sized pill to be hidden away in it. It is easy to mold over the item you are hiding. The only think I don't like is the sugar in the formula. definitely gets the job done.
    By Furmom6780
    September 17, 2015
    Even our fussy eaters like these
    Our dogs have to take some meds they don't like. They gobble these down w/o any problem. I highly recommend them. Plus Entirely pets have great prices and fast shipping.
    By Shary
    North Dakota
    September 17, 2015
    these are great
    Who ever invented these pill pockets ..thanks!! No more wrestle mania at my house trying to put a pill in her mouth..She now looks forward to getting her pills twice a day..that extra lil treat..
    By Tony
    Seattle, WA
    September 15, 2015
    Great for big Pills
    My Sheltie hates Pills, but this helps!!
    By BigDogs
    August 12, 2015
    Great item!
    My dogs are on daily medication and they LOVE their Pill pockets! Makes administering meds a piece of cake!
    By shary
    north dakota
    June 22, 2015
    No Fuss with these pill pockets...
    No more wrestling mania trying to get a pill in my lab who is almost 100 pounds ....I give her a pill pocket she thinks its a treat...The hickory smoke are the best tried the peanut butter ones they tend to be dry and fall apart so I always buy the hickory smoke ,,,
    By MazonGrace
    May 12, 2015
    Glad no rosemary
    I have a dog with epilepsy and he takes 20 pills a day. I was so upset when changed formula and added rosemary. Thank goodness no rosemary here
    By gmn
    May 12, 2015
    Hickory Smoke Pill Pocket Capsule Size
    My dogs love the flavor of these pill pockets. They are at my feet as soon as the bag gets opened and they smell them.
    It is kinder than forcing a pill down their throats. The pockets are large enough for a good size capsule or 2 small capsule or tablet pills.
    By Boogitz
    New York
    April 8, 2015
    You could put anything in these and your dog will wolf it down. The "capsule" size is fine for tablets also. Molds easily around the meds.
    By PatsyM
    March 10, 2015
    Best Product Ever Invented!!
    My golden retriever will not take a pill by itself. She takes Novox caplets and 2 Gabapentin capsules twice/day. I put the Novox in one tablet-size pill pocket and wrap another one around the 2 Gabapentin capsules and she takes them right down as if they were a treat. I even wrap one partly around her huge heartworm pill each month, and again she takes it with no problems. I thank Greenies every day for inventing these pill pockets and always keep a good supply on hand, buying them when they are on sale.. I definitely recommend them to everyone.
    By Gary
    March 1, 2015
    Wonderful Product
    The Pill Pockets from Greenies are absolutely wonderful. Our two best friends love to eat them with their pills. A couple of years ago another best friend was chronically ill and the pill pockets proved a life saver in helping her to take her medications. I'm confident that prayer, a wonderful Vet and the Pill Pockets gave us additional quality time with our sweet girl.
    By Christina D.
    Rhode Island
    September 18, 2014
    Dog Approved!
    My dog gets several medications. He takes them all with ease because of these pill pockets. I highly recommend them. The price is excellent too.
    By Marian
    Monrovia, CA
    July 27, 2014
    Yum! New Flavor of Pill Pockets is a Hit!
    My 3 dogs receive pills every morning and they really like the chicken flavor, so I wasn't sure about trying something new - to my surprise, they love the new Hickory Smoke pill pockets! Definitely tail-thumping good!
    By MazonGrace
    July 14, 2014
    Good product
    Dog takes with no problem like it a lots
    By catladygotadog
    June 22, 2014
    Couldn't pill the dogs without the Pill Pockets.
    As the owner of two puppy mill rescued Italian Greyhounds that don't want their mouth touched or messed with, this is the only way I can get them to take their medicine. And they take them as well as their treats.
    By Darby
    June 3, 2014
    Review for GREENIES Pill Pockets Hickory Smoke Forumla 3.2 oz (30 count)
    These make giving my pooch pills or capsules a breeze. They smell so good I was tempted to try them.

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