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Potty Training Accessories

Potty training can be one of the most frustrating parts of welcoming a new pet into your home. But thanks to a number of helpful accessories, it doesn't have to be. Let EntirelyPets help you reduce accidents and shorten the time it takes to train. Besides, you and your pet have better things to do.

We make potty-training your new dog as easy as possible with our sprays that alert your dog to know where he should go. Just spray them on puppy pads when teaching him to go inside, and spray outdoors as well to keep your puppy's potty in one spot. The sprays are helpful when you want to tell your dog where to go, and helps keep them out of your garden and other areas. If your dog doesn't always signal you to when he needs to use the bathroom, The Gotta Potty Training Alert System is the perfect solution to minimize accidents. This pressure-activated mat uses a hand-held receiver that alerts you when your pup needs to go outside. It will help cut your potty-training time and reduce accidents in your home. We also carry puppy pads in a variety of sizes for easy cleanup while training your dog.