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Train-Um Dog Training Aid

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Train-Um Dog Training Aid teaches your dog to protect your furniture, carpets, lawns and pavements by training your pet to go in one spot. House train your dog fast and easy with Train UM.

For Indoors:
Train your dog to urinate in one spot in order to protect carpets and furniture. Place several drops of Train-Um on newspaper or in a box. After each of the first few meals, take your dog to the spot and allow him to sniff Train-Um. He will soon train himself.

For Outdoors:
To keep your lawns and flowerbeds clear, train your dog to defecate in a spot of your choice by placing several drops of Train-Um there each day. Take your dog to this spot and after a few visits he will train himself. This also applies to walks, strolls, where you can train him to use an area of your choosing and so keep pavements clean.

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