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PURRfect Pouncer Toy

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Give your cat the green light to leap, pounce, and chase her way to playtime bliss. Simply wave a Purrfect Cat Toy wand in front of her and be ready for the action. Each wand has an irresistible lure attached to the plastic wand by flex cable, which gives the lure added bounce.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
35 Reviews
80% (28)
11% (4)
3% (1)
0% (0)
6% (2)
94% Recommend this product (33 of 35 responses)
By Patti
Pittsboro, NC
Literally- The Perfect Cat Toy!
March 7, 2024
So happy to find these wand toys on Entirely Pets! We foster cats with our local rescue and each adopted kitty gets one to take to their new home. I'm happy these Go-Fur-It wand toys are so reasonably priced from Entirely Pets too!
  • The reach and longevity
  • If you don't watch closely, kittens will chew through the heavy duty plastic coil.
By Rob
Can’t Tell
November 17, 2023
It would have been great had they actually HAD IT and had I actually RECEIVED IT. But, as it is, I’m still waiting for this to be sent to me. I’m not ordering anything else from a site that misleads you into believing you can order stuff they don’t actually have. And, BTW, I would have given it 0 stars, but it wouldn’t let me.
By Keith
Best wound toy
January 30, 2022
All of our cats enjoy.
  • All cats like.
  • Spring plastic could be more durable.
By VKat
Chicago, IL
This toy is Cat Crack
August 5, 2021
All my kitties and fosters go absolutely insane over these toys. This is one of the best toys I have ever purchased for them and they never tire of it.
By Stephanie a.
Amazing toy
January 13, 2021
My cats love this toy! It is the only one they want daily.
  • Engaging
  • Durable
  • Can break easily but easy to glue back together
By Anonymous
Washington, DC
September 10, 2020
This is my girl cat's absolute FAVORITE toy. We now have 5 of them, and she makes sure the oldest goes to bed with her every night and gets up with her every morning. The oldest looks like Grizabella in cats, but she loves it and takes care of it like it is her kitten. She is loving the new ones we ordered too. WE LOVE THESE TOYS! My boy cat plays with these too, but only once he sees how much fun she is having with them...or if she is out of the room. He is a very considerate brother.
Sugar Land, TX
PURRECT Feather Bouncer Toy
August 7, 2020
Our Maine Coon absolutely loves this toy. And I plan to buy a few more for friends.
  • Color, weight and length are great!
  • I only bought one!
By Debora
Gardiner Maine
Can't get enough of these!
September 17, 2019
My girls love these- They love the chase (brought on by making me run dragging this behind me) then pouncing on it, rolling around and kick scrtatching it till they have killed it. Or so they think they have - hahaha- lots of fun - new games daily. Teasing in the crinkle tunnels is another favorite passtime- you would think at 5 years old they would not still be acting like such kittens.
Thank you for the fun!
Velma and Louisa
By A F.
all cats love.....
May 23, 2019
Perfect weight to fly around and sound like something in real flight. My cats go crazy over them. Thank goodness they are still making - I've been buying for years. They last a long time. I end up giving to friends too.

Merchant Response:Love hearing reviews like yours. Hope your kitties enjoy the feather bouncer cat toys for years to come.
By Mike
Edina, MN
Good Interactive Toy
September 23, 2017
My cat grabs the little birdy and tries to run away with it. He has fun and makes me have fun too.
By timbit
not good
April 26, 2017
Our cat toy pulled apart in less than 24 hours. Quite dissappointing. The last time the cat had this toy it lasted for months.
By fluffybunny
harrisburg, pa.
best toy ever
April 14, 2017
I volunteer at an animal shelter. All our cats at the shelter go crazy for this particular wand toy! They have many types of toys, including wand toys, but this is definitely the favorite!!!
By anjaBB
10 year old cat goes nuts for this
March 22, 2017
I bought this at a pet store and looking online for it because after a month we will be needing a new one soon. That's the downside - it does fall apart pretty quick - the flexible wire part popped out of the plastic handle and only tight electrical tape will keep it in, now, along with the long feathers getting pulled out. However, our 10 year old, recently adopted cat is OCD in love with this thing and will drag it around the house sometimes when he wants me to make it act like a wounded bird. I bought him probably a hundred bucks in other toys that he couldn't care less about, he only likes this one. (And chewing plastic bags.) Must the perfect size and texture to attack and chew, and those long feathers make a good fluttery wing sound that gets him going. This one moves faster than the fly fishing toys, and he likes that super fast getaway motion, too. I may never have a life again since all I do now is wave this wand at the cat.
By Cowboy
El Segundo, Ca
My favorite
December 27, 2016
I just love this toy. I'm on my third one in 6 mos.
I can't get enough of it. I take it everywhere. Up and down the stairs. So much fun.
Where can my owner trade-in the sticks to get new springy things?
I don't like the stick by itself.
By Bonnie583
Boston area
Cats like it, but it won't last long
November 20, 2016
My cats love this toy, but half the feathers are pulled out in the first month, and two of the toys had the flexible end of the wand come lose. These design flaws mar what otherwise would be an excellent toy.
By Ivan's m.
Favorite fishing rod
November 5, 2016
My cat Ivan goes crazy over this toy! We had one before that broke after a few years of intense play. I ordered a dozen to make sure he never has to go without one.
By Changster68
Los Angeles, CA
The Purrfect toy for cats
August 20, 2016
My kittens/juvenile (delinquents) aren't the fat lazy cats who ignore all toys. They haven't seen a toy yet they didn't at least give a go at, but this thing, the reaction when I reach for this is unbelievable. They act like they do when they hear me popping the top off of a can of wet food. Literally the best cat toy I have ever seen and it has no motors, no lights, just some soft leather tails that really does something for my kitties.
By ChrisMD
My Kitty's Favorite Toy
August 2, 2016
This is my kitty's favorite toy. He has several and plays with each of them daily. I detach them from the pole as this is my kitty's preference. He's fallen in love with these, so I have to have extras on hand at all times. They are super durable (even when used as intended). He likes chewing on their legs, tossing them in the air/down the stairs, playing fetch with them, and he likes me to hide them throughout the house for him to find. Both kitty and I would highly recommend. Your feline won't be disappointed.
By catwidow
Rochester, NY
Best Toy, Really!
July 19, 2016
I have had my first cat for almost a year now. I bought this toy when I picked him up. It instantly was his favorite toy and played with it until he shredded the mouse to pieces. I bought another one a few months ago and he did the same thing to it. I tried gluing another toy to the end of the spiral piece, but he didn't care about it. I finally ordered 3 through EntirelyPets because the price was good and I knew he would love these toys. I broke out the first one and within a few days had the plastic ripped from the wand. I have been gluing and taping it and it has been holding up. He carries this toy (wand and all) all around the house and wants me to play with him as soon as I get home or wake up. There is no cat nip in the toy mouse so I'm not sure why he loves the mouse part so much. I will be buying many more of these toys I'm sure. I have foolishly spent/wasted lots of money on other toys that just "sit there"
By eje
saint louis
Review for PURRfect Leather Bouncer Toy
May 2, 2016
this has become my cat's favorite toy, he chases it, jumps in the air after it, and carries it off after catching it
By sak_balam
love this toy!
January 26, 2016
i have a male bengal, he's usually understimulated & underplaytimed! alot because he's so rough, he just shreds toys quickly!
he absolutely loves this toy! he gets bottle brush tail as he leaps & hops around "killing" it!

the leather is holding up very well! (tho still glad i got two of them to replace his existing one when it goes!)

By JenOfTheNorth
Calgary, AB
No Match for a Bengal Kitten!
December 5, 2015
I ordered a dozen of these toys for our bengal kitten, after we discovered just how much he loves them. They're great toys. They don't last very long though and come apart quite easily, and the long feathers could pose a hazard to a cat if they were to ingest them.
By Dave
Cape Cod, MA
Extremely durable and fun
December 3, 2015
We have had this toy for about a month and out cat loves it. It will probably last for years. The line or cord from the tip of the wand is soft leather, the "mouse" must have a leather center, because it still is like new after all this playing. And the tassels are also leather. We love it and our cat is thrilled. For this toy, it is very reasonably priced too.
By Cadebug
Feather toy
November 23, 2015
My Cade just loves this toy, my boss gave me one and the feathers were almost gone so I had to get her a new one.
By rebel
Bcr Toy
November 22, 2015
They love IT!!! But should have longer leather line, not long enough!!!
By cupcake
Northern California
Best Toy Ever
September 4, 2015
We received a Go-Fur-It cat toy as a gift for our cats. They loved it so much that we christened it "Best Toy Ever" and it's now referred to as BTE. They love it more than anything other plaything they've had so I had to find out what it was (it was given with no label identifying it) and searched until I found out. I ordered 3 more - one so each cat could have their own, one as a back-up and one to give away. It has been 3 months since they received the first one and they are still the BTE.
By Kit K.
Wonderful toy
July 30, 2015
My cat loves this toy. It is one of the few toys he actually plays with. Gave one to a friend for her cat and was asked where she could purchase another.
By kkrp
June 6, 2015
We live with two cats who both love the Leather Bouncer Toy. This wand lasts much longer than those with just feathers. One cat will bring the toy to us when she is ready for playtime. It's just the right size for her to carry. We recommend this to anyone who has a cat that enjoys jumping and chasing their toys.
By Shelly
Endless fun
April 26, 2015
Provides hours of entertainment for my cat. She just loves these feather wands
By AbDeKat
Saint Paul, MN
Best toy ever!
March 10, 2015
My cats love this toy!! It sounds like a bird fluttering its wings. I have 4 of these throughout the house, it is that popular with my cats. I even have to keep the toy out of reach when not playing because they will shred it. I highly recommend this toy.

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