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Quick Bath for Large Dogs (10 Count)
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Quick Bath for Large Dogs (10 Count)

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Heavy Duty, Extra Thick
· Extra Large 8"X10", wipes
· 10 pack
· Contains gentle cleansing and antiseptic agents
· Emusol® Micellized Vitamins A and E
· Aloe Vera
· Safe and Effective
Uses for Quick Bath® wipes Ingredients: 1. Anytime your pet needs cleaning and you are short on time.
2. Control pet odor by removing germs.
3. Wipe down pets before they come indoors from dusty, wet or muddy conditions.
4. Use prior to and after brushing to remove loose dirt and hair.
5. Use when the weather is too cold to bathe your pet.
6. Use on pets that have sensitive skin.
7. Wipe off excess drool or slobber.
8. Clean paws, nose and ears.
9. Convenient to use when traveling, hiking, camping, boating and other outings.
10. Great help for Senior Citizens. Quick Bath® for Dogs:
Purified water, hair and skin cleansers and conditioners, emulsifiers, antiseptic and preservatives, anti-foam agent, Micellized vitamin E, fragrance, micellized vitamin A, aloe vera and and pH controllers.

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