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Rodent Control & Poison

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RatX for the Effective Control of Rats & Mice provides non-toxic pellets that safely eliminate unwanted rodents without harming other animals. This totally natural formula is safe for use anywhere and is ideal for outdoor or indoor use. The formula simply uses sodium chloride and corn gluten meal to cause dehydration and gradual renal failure in mice and rats.

RatX for the Effective Control of Rats & Mice can be safely used near livestock when used according to directions and is ideal for nearly any situation. This bag includes one pound of the pellets and is resealable to preserve them until the infestation is eliminated completely. Rid your home of rats and mice the safe way with this 100% natural formula and order your bag of RatX today!

Key Features:
  • Non-toxic, all-natural formula eliminates mice and rats
  • Safe for use around ponds, under patios, under garden structures, in lawns, around horses, and near livestock and poultry housings
  • 100% naturally derived
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