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Remote Training Systems

Whether you want your dog to stop digging holes in your backyard or you need help teaching your pack to hunt, our selection of remote training systems has just what you're looking for. Not all dogs learn the same, so if you find your pup has trouble listening, or if you just brought home a new dog and you want to start off on the right foot, these trainers are perfect. They both reinforce good behavior and correct unwanted behavior with the touch of a button. Completely safe, these collars use either bursts of static to correct a behavior or a series of negative tones. When you want to alert your pup to a job well done, the trainers include positive tones so they can make the connection to good behavior.

The Basic Remote Trainer from Innotek is a simple way to reinforce commands such as "sit" and "heel," while also discouraging unwanted behavior. The training collar comes with a remote control that's small enough to fit on your keychain and offers a 150-yard range. The Basic Remote Trainer features seven different stimulation levels and three training tone options, so you can find the perfect balance that will work with your dog. The Yard and Park Trainer is a collar that offers eight levels of correction and features a 400-yard range. So even when your pup is out of arm's reach, you can still discourage unwanted behavior or reinforce good behavior. Instead of using static stimulation, this trainer uses both positive and negative tones to alert your dog.

EntirelyPets also offer GPS tracking and training units for hunting dogs. The TEK 1.0 GPS+E-Collar is a tracker that can get an instant location on up to 12 dogs from a range of 7 miles away. With 100 levels of stimulation, these collars include both vibration and tone commands, so you can customize the trainer to fit your dog's needs.