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Pet Food Safety Guide

Shopping for your pet's food can be a tough decision. Which one is the best? How reliable is this company? Am I getting a good deal? Everyone wants to give their pet the best there is, but are bombarded by the different choices of foods available and have a difficult time of choosing a pet food. Here are a few things ingredients to look in your petís food before you buy your next pack.

The first few ingredients play a significant role in the nutritional make-up of a food. It's important to remember that pet food labels provide limited information regarding the nutritional value of a food. So itís a good idea to see what ingredients the food has.

Sources of Protein
Because dogs and cats need meat, it's best to pick a food in which the first ingredient is an animal-based protein source, such as chicken and chicken meal, lamb, lamb meal, fish meal, or egg. By-products are not a good source of protein because they are the left over parts from production.

*Check the guaranteed analysis. If your pet is on the heavier side you should pick a food with higher protein than the competition. If your pet is skinny get a food with average protein.

Sources of Fat
For a glossy coat and healthy skin, your pet needs fat in the diet. Make sure the fat is meat based, since this fat is taken out from the rendering process it should be added back in. Fats are made up of fatty acids, and there are two important types of fatty acids for dogs and catsóomega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Reduce Carbohydrates
Cats and dogs need very little carbs in their diets because they are carnivores. Ideally there should be no grain in their food. The grains that are known to cause kidney damage from their poor protein are corn, wheat and soy.

Sources of Fiber
Research has shown that moderately fermentable fiber, such as beet pulp, enhances intestinal health. The fermentable fiber is broken down by intestinal bacteria to provide short-chain fatty acids, an energy source for intestinal cells.

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