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Sand Covered Shower Perch - Small

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Sand Covered Bird Shower Perch it's made with upgraded suction cups so it stays on securely while your birdie can perch on the non-slip surface and enjoy his bath. Not only will it help strengthen the bond between you can your pal, but it also helps keep feather healthy and clean. And when he's done in the shower, it folds away for easy storage. It's great for medium to large birds, such as macaws, cockatoos and other parrots.!

Key Benefits:

  • Turns your shower into a bird approved rain-shower just like your pal would enjoy in nature.
  • Upgraded suction cups ensures it stays on securely and can hold most medium to large birds from macaws, cockatoos and other parrots.
  • Non-slip grip surface allows your feathered buddy to perch on it safely and comfortably.
  • Helps keep feathers clean and healthy, and strengthen the bond between you and your pal.
  • Foldable design lets you store it easily when it's not in use, and is made of sturdy plastic.

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