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Sentry Flea Combs

If you have a dog or a cat then you need to be prepared to deal with flea invasions. You constantly need to be on-guard for fleas by combing your petís fur using a quality flea comb. Part the hair using a flea comb and be on the lookout for trapped fleas in the metal teeth. Fleas are extremely tiny and highly mobile. This is why a specialized comb serves as the perfect tool to trap them before they can escape. Using combs to remove fleas is also a great option for pet parents who donít want to apply pesticide-laden products on their pets. In short, flea combs are an indispensable tool that can help you detect and remove fleas and eggs hygienically.
Sentry has a line of quality Flea Comb products. Sentry has combs that are specially made for dogs. The flea comb for dogs come with a sturdy ergonomic handle and it effectively removes dust and fleas from the coat. Sentry PurrScriptions flea comb is a similarly effective product when attempting to remove fleas and eggs from your catís fur. Fleas are carriers of diseases and they cause immense itchiness. They can even move out of your petís fur and start populating your home. For all these reasons, there is no option but to take a tough stance against these parasites. Sentry Flea Combs are ideal tools for removing fleas and thus they should be a part of your petís grooming kit.

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