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Flea Combs & Tick Removers

A high quality flea comb provides a non≠toxic way to detach fleas from your petís fur. These tick remover products are perfect for kittens and puppies because they do not pose any threat to sensitive skin and coat. Flea combs for cats and dogs not only help combat an existing infestation but are also great for identifying the first signs of fleas and ticks.

As a pet parent, you need to launch a search and destroy operation by gently combing your petís fur and being on the lookout for flea dirt, adult bugs, and eggs. To provide a comfortable grooming experience to your pet, avoid combing over skin rashes or wounds. Itís also important to buy a quality tick removal tool that gently removes the pests without causing any discomfort to your pet. If done properly flea combs for dogs and cats can also stimulate the muscles and promote circulation.

Featuring everything from flea combs for cats and dogs to tick remover tools, Entirely Pets, has everything you need to keep your petís fur pest-free!. Hereís an Entirely Pets combing tip: before you start grooming, place your pet on a clean, white towel. This creates a nice white background which makes it easy to spot dark colored fleas and ticks when they fall off your petís body.