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How To Deal With Pet Shedding

As summer approaches you will start to notice your dog or cat starting to shed their winter coats. Hair shedding can be one of the biggest inconveniences for a pet owner. You can take some preventive steps to help reduce the unwanted shedding. If you are not able to take precautionary measures to help reduce shedding you can use different tools to make it easier for you and your pet.
Preventative Measures
These shedding products will help reduce the unwanted shedding from your dog. Taking preventive steps will help your dog be more comfortable and also keep your house clean. Diet, regular brushing and controlling and skin problems is a good start but here are some additional products that will help you.

Shed- Pro for Cats & Dogs helps reduce unwanted shedding found on furniture, carpet and clothes. Shed-Pro improves your pet's skin and coat with an all natural formula that won't disturb your pet's natural seasonal shedding.

Derm-Tabs ES effectively reduces unwanted shedding and promote healthy skin and a radiant hair coat. Derm-Tabs ES is formulated to aid in the prevention and treatment of fatty acid, multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


Welactin For Cats Softgel (60 Caps): formulated to deliver substantial levels of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and to help support the overall wellness of your cat.


Show Stopper improves coat, muscle and mental function in any dog, providing benefits that nature previously reserved for those lucky few. ShowStopper proves champions are made as well as born.


Regular maintenance around the house will help you maintain a hairless environment. It's a good idea to vacuum on a regular basis and also use upholstery covers. Maintenance for your pets coat is also very important. Using a shedding tool on your pets coat will get rid of loose hairs before they fall and add to the mess.


The FURminator deshedding tool is a specially designed shed-less treatment for cat and dog brush. FURminator's unique blade is designed to remove loose hair like no other.

Pet Hair Magnet removes pet hair from carpets, drapes, furniture and car seats. Extra wide blade for more coverage area. Easy to clean.



Use PetZoom on both dogs and cats with short hair, long hair, curly hair or any type of fur at all. The PetZoom's soft, ultra-comfort bristles easily adjust for your pet's individual grooming needs.

Millers Forge Vista Shedding Blade will control the pet hair in your home and on your clothings with regular use. Removes loose hair and leave your pet with a shiny, lustrous coat.