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3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad Video
3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad Video

3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

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Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet's bedding.

Key Features:
  • Heated in minutes in a microwave
  • Lasts for up to 10 hours
  • Quick and safe Perfect for inside/ outside pets
  • No wires no scalding water
  • Bite and scratch resistant
  • Now includes cosy cover
  • This is an 'original' SnuggleSafe product
  • Contents is Toxic free Thermapol®
  • Made in the UK 17 years of production experience. Over a million units made and sold to date
Ideal for:
  • Puppies, Dogs
  • Kittens, Cats
  • Outside Pets
  • Convalescing
  • Elderly Pets
  • Or Just for the well being of any pet

Just about anyone who cares for animals large or small can benefit from the ease and safety of SnuggleSafes comforting warmth.

Arthritic Pets try Joint MAX

Useful Information

SnuggleSafe Heatpad Instruction Manual here

Snuggle Safe®

Microwave Heatpad for Animals



Keep these instructions available for reference

Before You Start

SnuggleSafe is for use in domestic microwaves only (max 1,400 watts). Make sure that functions such as grilling or browning (if available on your microwave) are switched off. Make sure that your oven interior is clean, especially the turntable. Food and drink residue can affect the heating performance of the heatpad and could result in overheating. Do not heat more than one SnuggleSafe at a time

    Using Your SnuggleSafe

  1. Place SnuggleSafe on the microwave turntable, select full power and set the timer according to the chart. (If your microwave does not have a turntable, we recommend that you heat SnuggleSafe for 50% (half) of its recommended time, then turn it over (flip) and heat for the remaining time. This will ensure that it is heated as evenly as possible. Turn the microwave off while you flip the product.)
  2. Power Time
    600-650 watts 8 minutes
    700-750 watts 7 minutes
    800-850 watts 6 minutes
    900-1,000 watts 5 minutes
    1,100-1,200 watts 4 minutes
    1,300-1,400 watts 2 1/2 minutes

    Do Not Exceed The Stated Times

  3. When you have selected the correct time, start the timer.
  4. When the time cycle has finished, leave the SnuggleSafe in the microwave for another minute. During this extra minute, the SnuggleSafe will continue to heat up, even though the power is off. After this extra minute, the temperature of SnuggleSafe will have established.
  5. Before removing from the microwave, visually check that you have not accidentally overheated the bottle (see Safety Warning overleaf). When satisfied that the bottle has not been overheated, remove it from the microwave.
  6. Caution:

    The bottle will be hot. (Surface temperature approx 65°C/149°F). If not in its cover, you should use an oven glove or cloth to handle it.

  7. Place SnuggleSafe under your pet's bedding or under a loose blanket. If a cover is fitted to the heatpad, it is not necessary to place it under bedding, but you must ensure that your pet cannot touch the heatpad's surface which will be hot. Ideally, there should be good insulation under SnuggleSafe, as this will help to reduce heat loss downwards, thereby extending the heat output.
  8. Do not place an uncovered SnuggleSafe in direct contact with your pet's body as this might cause skin burns in some circumstances. Do not use with anu animal that is unconscious or otherwise unable to react to thermal discomfort.

Reheating SnuggleSafe

Allow SnuggleSafe to completely cool down before reheating.


Clean Snuggle Safe by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying lightly with disinfectant and wiping dry. Do not use abrasive substances or scourers.

Safety Warning:

  • Do not exceed the heating times
  • Overheating can damage the heatpad and may cause injury
  • Do not allow animals to bite or chew SnuggleSafe
  • Any Guarantee is invalid if the product has been overheated or damaged
  • If the product has misshapened, It has been overheated and should not be used again.

The SnuggleSafe heatpad contains Thermapol™ which is non-toxic. When the product is heated correctly and in accordance with these instructions, Thermapol remains predominantly in a solid state (approx 65°C/149°F). If the product is overheated, Thermapol will start to liquefy and if the product is seriously overheated its plastic casing will eventually melt-down, allowing the Thermapol to leak out. "Serious overheating" is 300-400% beyond the correct heating time (for example, in a 900-1,000w microwave where the correct heating time is 5 minutes, melt-down and leakage could occur after 20 minutes heating). Over heating will not cause the product to "explode", so Thermapol will leak from its casing without impact.

If the product appears in an way deformed or leakage is apparent, overheating has occurred. Do not open the microwave door until at least one minute after you have turned off the power, then open the door with caution and DO NOT TOUCH OR DISTURB THE CASING OR THE THERMAPOL AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PRODUCT FROM THE MICROWAVE UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETELY COOLLED DOWN. If leakage has occurred, Thermapol will be dangerously hot. When cool, Thermapol will have returned to its solid state and can be removed from hard surfaces with hot water or can be scraped off by using a suitable implement.

Persons who are not familiar with the operation of microwave ovens or who may not be competent with their use, should seek the advice and assistance of a competent person. If there is any doubt in this respect, do not use. Do not take risks. Do not allow children to heat the product unless properly supervised. Do not heat in a conventional oven or by any other method.

Understand this the product's casing and its ingredients will always react to heat in a per-determined way. Used correctly, it can never distort or melt-down prematurely. If distortion occurs and/or its contents leak out, it has been overheated

The makers and their agents/distributors are not liable for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from he use of this product.

It is recommended that you replace the heatpad after 3 years; make a note of the purchase date and be sure to retain these instructions in a safe place.

The SnuggleSafe bottle and its contents (Thermapol™) are recyclable.

Veterinary Use

A SnuggleSafe heatpad must never come into direct contact with an animal. At all times the heatpad should be fitted with a cover, or suitable bedding should be place between it and the animal. We do not recommend the use of the heatpad with anesthetized or unconscious animals because they cannot react to thermal discomfort and this could result in skin burns. Recovering animals which use the heatpad should be monitored to ensure that they can move from the heat if necessary. Never re-heat a SnuggleSafe heatpad until it has completely cooled down.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
39 Reviews
85% (33)
10% (4)
3% (1)
0% (0)
3% (1)
97% Recommend this product (38 of 39 responses)
By Mike
Oak Forest Illinois
The Crew Approves
December 25, 2022
Being drafted into the feral cat legion, getting ready for a Chicago winter is a challenge...and receiving grudging acceptance from a family of four a major accomplishment... but the microwave heat pads have received an unanimous endorsement from Rosemary 🐈 Oreo 🐈‍⬛ Polly 🐈 and Ginger 🐈
  • Easy to use and sturdy...
  • So far
  • So good
  • 👍🏻
Texas and Louisiana
Warm and Snuggly
December 24, 2022
Works as described, but my dogs seemed confused about how to snuggle with it! 🤪🤣
  • Stays warm overnight but not too warm.
  • A little bit hard to be very snuggly, but the cover does help a lot.
By PDMartin
I am a Snuggle Baby(s)
October 9, 2020
Fantastic product for dogs and cats. My animals are indoor but meow and bark when they see this product in my hands because they know I am going to put in their beds. Recommend highly this product and Entirely Pets to purchase from who were fast and efficient.

Merchant Response:Snuggle Safe is a 'hot' seller! All kidding asside, glad you enjoy!
  • All Pros- unique product that stays warm for hours. Nice cover that stays put after disc is heated and put inside. Good price as product lasts for years if taken care of and follow heating directions. Even great for outdoor animals as well as pets who stay inside.
  • NONE
By Toni
Wimberley, TX
It works and well!!
October 7, 2020
The heating pad did not feel very hot after microwaving so easy to handle; it stayed warm all night. It is safe to use and is as described. Am very happy I ordered!

Merchant Response:Stay warm Tony
  • Was easy to handle after microwaving and stayed warm all night.
  • The cover fits snugly; therefore a tad difficult to get pulled on but I did manage.
By Pls 2.
Love these discs
December 1, 2018
We have bought these for several years now for the neighbor's cat, who thinks he's ours, and the farm cats. I have made several "tote" houses for them and these are perfect in them. Know the wattage of your microwave so you can follow the directions included. They will melt if you leave them in to long.
  • Just don't microwave to long.
  • Nothing
By HappyKittyMom1
Wonderful Product
November 14, 2018
I have read some of the reviews and customers need to understand that you must place the disc under a blanket in order to make it softer. My cats love them. I heat mine for 5 mins on Hi and leave it for an additional minute before taking out of the microwave (per instructions), so no problems with exploding or leaking discs. This is an awesome product if used properly. Well worth the money to see my happy babies.
  • works as advertised
  • None
By HappyKittyMom
Could not be more pleased ! ! ! !
April 9, 2018
I bought this when the weather was in the low 20's. My babies sleep in the garage and have warm beds, but I still worry that they might be cold. Snuggle Safe is wonderful. I would heat them around 5:00 P.M. and they would still be warm the next morning at 7:00 A.M., so they retain their heat a lot longer than the 10 hrs. suggested.My babies loved them and stayed toasty all night. I have two that will sleep together, but the other two sleep in separate beds, so the 3pk was perfect.
By Carlene
Keeps Pets Warm
February 9, 2016
Just 5 minutes in the microwave, and these disks stay warm for up to 10 hours. Great to put in the doghouse with a dog that must sleep outside or to put in the houses of feral cats when the temperature gets low.
By ittybittykitty
Review for 3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad
January 2, 2016
Perfect for outside homeless in their houses and animus who just like to be warm!
By Toni
Awesome Product! Must Have!
January 23, 2015
All I can say is it took the cat(s) less then a minute to decide they LOVE these and will not move for hours! I know they are warm, much warmer in the weather then ever before with their own body heat and blankets. I read all the concerns, reviews, information, ordered, changed mind after some reviews, decided I could follow directions. BEST decsion EVER. Would like 10 more! Never want to be without :) and neither do the fur babies!
By Maryland
Decent Product but took too long to get
January 21, 2015
This product has performed as described in its Bio. The warmth did not penetrate a cat bed when placed underneath, but will warm up under a comforter or similar bedding. If your outdoor temps drop below freezing, I would have a second option for warmth. I would not recommend buying from this company if you need the product in a reasonable amount of time. Their shipping department was not prompt and the items took 2 WEEKS to arrive.
By Cook
Best purchase for cats
January 14, 2014
Best purchase I've made. I have three cats and live in South Alabama. Rarely does it get very cold. Recently it was 13, in my garage it was 38. My cats stay out at night, they loved the warm discs. I would heat them up about 6pm. The next morning it was still warm. You must insulate the bottom of the bed to keep the warmth. I put a rug and pillow under the bed then the disc and then the pillow that comes with the bed. A must for keeping cats warm.
By cb
los angeles, CA
Great purchase
January 12, 2014
Used properly, these are a safe way to provide heat for outdoor (stray, feral) cats. The heat does last 12 hours if an animal is laying on it.

My pets inside love them too.

Must read warnings so they are used correctly.
By se
January 7, 2014
returned, as I found better pricing elsewhere
By LilwithCats
Eugene, Oregon
Excellent Purchase!
January 5, 2014
This is one of the best products invented ever for pets (or humans) to help keep pets warm during the chilly days & nights. The first one I ever received was a gift for my cats then I recommended it to another friend who also sent me a couple more as gifts for my cats. Before Winter began it got down below zero for a few days and I purchased 6 more SnuggleSafes for my cats which gave me enough to change twice a day to keep them warm throughout the days and also the nights.
By sherry
Toronto, Ontario
snuggle safe heating pad
December 28, 2013
For my stray cats outside it's perfect. I use them for my feral cats outside and it works perfectly.
By clanced
New Hampshire
Very happy with recent order.
April 16, 2013
I am a kitty foster Mom for a local SPCA. They needed microwaveable heaters for our motherless kittens to stay warm by. Many of the ones they had were very old and not reliable anymore. I knew kitten season was coming so I save all my coin for the last 6 months and bought the shelter 6 heaters. The order was delivered quickly and I used an online coupon to get free shipping. Both the shelter and myself are very happy with our order! I won't hesitate to order from here again.
By Weezy
Wonderful product
March 1, 2013
A must have for anyone feeding stray/feral cats. Placed under the food dish, it keeps canned food from freezing for many hours. Put a blanket over it and it is a great for use in outdoor cat shelters in the cold months. I have 3 that I use every day. 5 star product!
By Rora
Have searched for this
February 15, 2013
Bought one of these years ago at a pet store. Have more cats now and tried, without luck, to find more. So glad that I found your site. I made cushions that the Snugglesafe slides into. Perfect for keeping the cats warm at night when the thermostat is lowered.
By kirsten
excellent product
February 8, 2013
sesls very well and washes just great, quality product.
By cat m.
Very good, just not what I wanted.
February 6, 2013
I love the fact they the heating pads were microwaveable. However, I thought they would get soft and squishy as they warmed up. I have a square heating pad that gets soft as it heats. I loved the fact that these heating pads had covers that I could purchase ... which I did.

Very good product .. just not what I wanted.
By Kathleen
Easthampton, Ma.
SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad 3-pack
January 31, 2013
During the extremely cold weather the SnuggleSafe Microwave heating pads have been a comfort to both my feral cat and myself. They have performed remarkably well. Daily they are warmed up and placed in his home. They do stay warm for quite a long time. I definately recommend them to anyone with an animal that will not yet accept indoor cat status.
Bayfield CO
Love these
January 10, 2013
I have several rescue cats. A few outside areas have close access to electricity for heated mats but most do not so, SnuggleSafe pads are GREAT. I have used them in the past and have had no problems at all with them, I don't, however, think they retail their heat for as long as stated especially in really cold weather. I try to wait till 8 or 9 pm to place them in beds but even with this they have turned cool to cold by 5 or 6 am or before but nevertheless, these are a Godsend for kittys that would otherwise have no heat source but each other and sometimes they end up alone. I do wish they had a ring hole for attaching a retrieve cord/rope so they could be placed in hard to reach places like under a shed. I have also found that they need a "little" extra micowave time to last through the night but I always make sure they are warm not hot to the touch. If they seem to be a little too warm, I will place under a towel.
By mtroop
Review for 3-PACK SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad
January 2, 2013
LOVE this product. I have a very sweet feral that won't come in yet. We are getting through the very cold nights by putting one of these in her little bed outside. Having more than 1 works out great so we can rotate them throughout the day when it's bitter outside. She runs into her bed and cuddles up and enjoys the warmth. Great product!!!!
By ebony1
Montreal Quebec
Does the Job
January 1, 2013
Its cold up here in Canada and these heat pads really help the stray cats in our area.
By James
Montreal , Quebec, Canada
Its cold up here in Canada
December 17, 2012
Thank You

These heat pads will keep the stray cats that we support alive and warm through the sub zero temps we experience up her in Quebec. A good product, that helps our outdoor cats survive throughout these mean winters.
By needlewings
SE Ohio
December 4, 2012
I bought 6 and have other people asking about them. I have made totes lined with foam insulation and cut a hole in the insulation to sit the snuggle safe down in it so that it wasn't raised. Put a layer of poly batting on top for extra comfort. I made a flapped door awning in the tote for them to get in and out. Worked perfectly as they don't want to leave! Cats kept nice and warm for hours and makes a great self contained shelter warming house with these heating pads.
By Liz
Chicago, IL
Wonderful warmth
November 26, 2012
These are just great! I love the little covers too! My little 4 week old foster kitten just curls right up on top of it. Plus, the round shape means it spins even in my small microwave. Bonus!!
By Kiakat
Snuggle Safe Microwave heat pad
November 21, 2012
I initially bought this when I had rescued a 3-4 week old kitten who needed to be kept warm and I don't like leaving heating pads on 24 hours a day. It was great then and again when I had some feral kittens I was trying to tame, it went into their cat house. They have new homes now. The heat in our house goes down when we are not there and so I heat up 6-7 of the heat pads and put them under cat beds, we have 11 rescues, and they all bundle up together. Best product ever!
By Kat K.
7 Warm Kitties
November 17, 2012
We inherited a momma & her 6 kitties this past fall. We cared for them for a month & decided the best thing for them was to take them to the humane society. We captured them all, not all of them would let us touch them. The humane society spayed & neutered them, gave them their shots & tried to find homes for them but local farms were all full. We have them all back & worried about keeping them warm this winter. SnuggleSafes work great. they all try to pile on them to keep warm. Glad we found them.

Questions and Answers

1 Question & 2 Answers
November 11, 2018
What size are the discs in the 3 pac?
2 Answers
They are 9". They fit perfect in the kitty cubes that my cats sleep in. They look like a frisbee with a soft cover, except they are hard and solid. This is the second winter for my cats and they love them. They stay warm longer than 10 hrs. if the animal stays on them to retain the heat and evidently my babies do just that. My kitties have a warm place to sleep, but cats are cold natured, so they love the extra warmth. Be sure and place the disc under the blankets so they will have a soft surface to sleep on and it also helps to retain the heat. I have loved this product, well worth the money. It might be cheaper on another site, but my experience with cat products is, 'EntirelyPets can't be beat'. Good customer service and affordable prices.
Submitted by: HappyKittyMom on November 12, 2018
Hello Linda, here are the product dimensions: 8.5 x 8.8 x 1.5 inches ; 3 pounds
Submitted by: EntirelyPets on April 30, 2019

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