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Sogeval Products


Sovegal Laboratories, Inc. strives to provide quality pet products and brilliant customer service to pet owners around the world. Sogeval Laboratories, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Sogeval, which is based in France. Sogeval develops, manufactures and markets medicines for veterinarians and consumers alike.

Sogeval products treat dermatological, dental, and probiotic issues, among others, in pets. For the convenence of owners, many of their products come in an array of forms that include sprays, soft chews, capsules, granules, powders and more. Sogeval strives to make themselves available to their customers and share their solutions to common (and uncommon) pet problems. To achieve this goal, Sogeval created their United States branch to expand their availability to customers and make themselves available to anyone using Sogeval products.

We here at HealthyPets strive to help Sogeval achieve their goals by relaying information and selling their products at affordable prices. Check out the products below to find ones that are right for your pet.