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How to Guide on Spoiling Your Pet Rotten

Your pet doesn't need to be a superstar to get spoiled. Just like celebrity pets your superstar deserves the best! However, unlike the stars there are plenty of ways you can spoil your pet without emptying your pocketbook.

Celebrity pets are known for looking their best and always being in fashion. Take Paris Hilton and her dog, Tinkerbell. This dog is always in fashion, being carried around with the hottest and trendiest dog collars and accessories. Other celebrity pets such as Anna Kournkikovas dog Genie is the talk of the litter. After being featured in the new Canon camera ad this is one dog that knows what it means to be spoiled. Other celebrities such as Adam Sandlers dog, MaztoBall, play an important roll during special occasions such as weddings, often being fitted with custom outfits. However, your pet doesn't need to a celebrity to be treated like one. There are pleanty of ways you can make your pet feel like the star they are!

If you want to treat your pet like a celebrity there are 8 must have items. Below is everything your VIP (very important pet) should have!
Your precious pet deserves a warm- comfortable place to sleep and what could be better that bringing home a SLEEP Bed by Otis and Claude! These beds come in a contemporary design that stylish to leave in any room. Perfect for dogs or cats, these beds come in colors that any pet can appreciate and with the reversible cotton cushion these cushions will go with any decor.
What's a bed without a home? If you have a cat that loves his privacy then the CLIMB by Otis and Claude is a must. Otis and Claude has created the first modular kitty condo that's both conventional and stylish. The CLIMB has perfectly placed holes top to bottom that are ideal for climbing. The convenient stackable feature allows you to adjust the height and configuration to keep your cat happy and your storing easy.
Every pampered pet should good even if he or she will be staying inside. Styling products such as Bamboo Grooming & Nail Care keeps your pet looking good all the time. These products are perfect for filing and clipping nails, removing thick winter coats and general grooming. Use the Bamboo FurBuster De- Shedding Tool as an all in one tool to take care of your grooming needs. With this tool in hand your pet will always look like a star.

When you're done freshening up your pet, give them a bath that won't make them run and hide. Hair stylist extraordinaire Paul Mitchell has created a line of shampoos and cleansers for the pampered pet in your life. Mitchell Shampoos by John Paul Pet, is your choice for high end salon grooming products. Paul Mitchell carries the products you need to make your dog or cat look his or his best.

Choose from a variety of shampoos including: Oatmeal Shampoo (for your pet with sensitive skin), Tearless Gentle Shampoo and Moisturizing Shampoo. All of the shampoos have matching conditions so you pets skin never looks dull.
If you, a pet owner that's always on the go then you'll love the convenient Waterless Foam Shampoo, Oatmeal Conditioning Spray and Detangling Spray. These products are great if you love to travel with your pet, simply spray and wipe clean with a damp cloth. It's that easy! On the go and need to get your pet looking fresh in a snap? You'll do flips for Paul Mitchell's Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes. With these wipes in tow your pet will feel they're getting the royal treatment.
Here's a tip if you really want to make your pet feel spoiled. For an extra special bath time treat, spoil your pet with a massage that will keep them relaxed and feeling like royalty. They'll thank you for it later!
Bring out the beauty in your pets' eyes by using Angels' Eyes. Angels' Eyes is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to remove tear stains from the inside out. The supplement can also be used to eliminate staining around the mouth & coats due to licking. Angels Eyes is a must have for every pet.
When it comes to grooming your pet it's important that they not only good but that they have great dental hygiene. Just because you have a dog, doesn't mean you love their doggy breath. Keep your pet's mouth feeling fresh and smelling clean with products such as Ora-Clens from Pet Health Solutions and Tooth and Gum Wipes from Paul Mitchell.

Make sure your pet is clean to the nines by using Ear and Eye Wipes. Specially formulated, these wipes are designed to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around your pets' eyes. Use this to keep your pet looking his or her best.

After a nice bath nothing is better than making sure you smell great all day long. To make your pet feel special bring home "Designer" Doggie Colognes. Designer Doggie Colognes are perfect for keeping your pet smelling and feeling fresh between baths. These dog perfumes are 100% safe to use and will make your pet feel the celebrity they are. Designer Doggie Colognes and Perfumes come in irresistible scents like CK-9, Beautifur and Bono Sport.
Before the day is done bring out the sexy beast in your pet by treating them with Sexy Beast Canine Fragrance. This doggy perfume is the perfect combination of bergamont and vanilla- infused musk. What makes this dog perfume extra special is the extraordinary combination of natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oil. One sniff of this perfume and your pet will know what it means to be pampered!
Every pet deserves to have a smooth and shiny coat. Make sure your dog or cat looks like they just got groomed by giving them supplements to help maintain their coat. Supplements such as Derm-Tabs and Alaskan Salmon Oil are a few options. Derm- Tabs (formally Shed Guard), is a tasty chewable tablet that is designed to promote healthy skin and a radiant coat. The supplement is also effective in helping to reduce unwanted shedding. Packed with natural vitamins and minerals Derm-Tabs is the best way to keep your pet's coat looking great all year round.
A unique alternative to supplements and other skin and coat supplements is Alaskan Salmon Oil. When used regularly, salmon oil can help to give your dog or cat a lustrous, shiny coat.
Dog Toy such as The Bettie by Otis and Claude is a great way to give you precious pet a toy that is both hip and fun to play with. The unique three pronged ends are perfect for holding treats. This is one dog toy that any dog and owner can appreciate. Best of all they come in fun colors like Leapin Lavender, Keep Away Kiwi, Old Yeller and more!
If your pup has a "nose" for the finer things in life they will love the Rita Ball. This functional toy is one you won't mind lying around the house. Made of durable, non-toxic rubber this ball will keep any dog entertained for hours! The center core feature allows you to place you pets' favorite treat in the middle. The Rita Ball is perfect all year round, whether it's a sunny day at the beach or a rainy day at home.
For your special kitty give them a toy that will always be a hit. The Original Panic Mouse is a classic toy that will never go out of style. This cat toy changes direction in unpredictable motions, leaving your pet entertained for hours! Winner of the APPMA's Best Cat Toy in 2002, this is one cat toy that your kitty will not be able to resist.
To be really styln' your pet needs some "bling-bling", and we don't just mean any "bling-bling". Charms and Pendants are a unique way of giving your dog or cat that extra sparkle they deserve. These pet charms are sure to make you pet the talk of litter.

Choose the right charm for your dog or cat by picking from an array of styles including: Heart Charms, Bone Charms or a Star Charm. All of the pendants have rhinestones and are made of porcelain. For your extra special pet give them a charm that will let every dog know who they are with the Initial Rhinestone Pendant. Regardless of which charm you choose your pet will look sophisticated and classy.

Add some shimmer to your pets' neck with sparkling collars. Every kitty deserves to have a special "necklace." Puttin' on the Glitz Collars are not only fashionable but practical. The collar comes with plastic, breakaway buckle for safety and conveniently adjusts to fit your pets' neck. This cat collar is defiantly the cats meow!

Treat your precious pooch with a meal fit for royalty! Liver Biscotti is a wonderful way to show your pet how much you love them. The dog treat is full of flavor that will make any dog salivate with hunger. What's great is these treats are small so they're perfect when you want to give your pet an extra special something without over feeding them.
When you're giving your pet a treat, give them one that's not only delicious but nutritious. Joint Treats are the perfect canine treat that contains ingredients such as Glucosamine, Creatine & MSM, all of which are designed to help keep joints healthy. Your dog will give these treats two paws up. Best of all, they'll be eating a treat that's good for them.
For your VIP bring home Kitty Kaviar. Kitty Kaviar will make your cat "purring" for more. Made of all natural fish, this is one cat treat that your pet will never get sick of. The mouth- watering fish- like aroma will entice all felines. Kitty Kaviar is perfect as a meal or when you want to give your pet an extra special meal.
When you need to get away with your pet be sure to do it in style. Just because you're traveling with your pet doesn't mean you can't do it with style. Pet Flys Fashionable Pet Carriers are cute, fun and chic! Pet Flys Carriers are perfect for the dog or cat in your life. The carriers are approved by most airlines for in-cabin pet travel and are perfect for pets on the go! With Pet Flys in hand you'll never have to worry if you dog or cat is comfortable.
The carrier comes with special features such as interchangeable handles, a Peek-a-boo roll up flap, Indestructible wire window, Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert and blankie to snuggle. Pet Flys are easy to clean and completely cool!

If you looking to give your pets paw a break, then Pet strollers are the way to go. Designed for helping pets with mobility restrictions, these strollers are a great way to treat your pet to a beautiful day outside with family or friends. With pet strollers being all the rage these days, your pet is sure to be the hippest one around with this in hand.
No pet should be left with out the right clothing. The clothes make the pet! Don't leave your pet out in the cold, bring home Pet Flys "Ready 2 Ride" Pet Apparel. Pet Flys has created designer clothes perfect for any pet! These fashionable clothes will keep your best friend in style all season long. Choose from a variety of styles including sun dresses and wife- beaters.
While it's important that your pet is in style and fashionable it just as important they are flea and tick free. Flea and Tick medications such as Advantage Flea Control for Dogs, Frontline Top Spot, Frontline PLUS, Program Flea and K9 Advantix are great choices. Ensuring that your pet is flea and tick free is the best way to make them feel like a VIP year round.
Your pet doesn't have to be a celebrity pooch to pampered like one. All you need to do is visit our Pet Boutique section for the hottest trends and accessories!