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10 Adorable Dogs Who Love Being Relaxed In The Grass

Meet the Winners of our #RelaxedInTheGrass Instagram Photo Contest!

Now that the weather is warming up, flea pupae will begin to come out of their winter cocoons, emerging as adults, and they'll be looking for food. Unfortunately for pet owners, the blood of a dog or a cat is the meal they're looking for.

Without taking proper preventative measures, fleas can become a big problem and a home infestation can take a lot of time and money to treat.

This year, with our #RelaxedInTheGrass Instagram photo contest, we wanted to help pet owners like you continue to enjoy the outdoors with your pets. These 10 winners were selected to win a one year supply of flea and tick treatment, courtesy of Effitix for Dogs. Click here to learn more about Effitix's proven efficacy against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

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1. Bernard (@dogandhisboy)

2. Daisy & Lilo (@daisythefrenchbulldog)

3. Chickie (@chickietheberner)

4. Minderblender (@minderblender)

5. Scooby (@scooby_the_corgi)

6. Shea (@thepuppybear)

7. Lotus Lane, Sultan, Bruticus & Montana (@bruticusmontanalotussultanbmd)

8. Zeke & Mace (@zekeandmacegsd_ben)

9. Max & Bella (@maxandbellathedogs)

10. Ben (@bennyboy_the_labrador)

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