Synovi G4

Are you struggling to find the perfect joint supplement for your dog? Look no further! Synovi G4 brings forward a comprehensive joint health formula in a delicious soft chew; your dog may think it’s actually a tasty treat, making regular administration easy and hassle-free!

These chews are specially formulated with a blend of Boswellia and Tumeric in addition to essential joint health ingredients such as Glucosamine, MSM, and Creatine. Synovi G4 doesn’t just stop there, however. An added blend of Antioxidants further helps improve your dog’s health and wellbeing! Synovi G4 simply has it all to support your pet’s joints and overall health. Dogs can come across joint problems for many reasons including aging or injury. Synovi G4 is the perfect supplement for older dogs, dogs suffering from joint disease, or dogs experiencing difficulty walking and climbing the stairs. The ingredients in this effective chew can help improve joint functions and flexibility as well as help strengthen their joint cartilage with regular dosage. Your pup will be happy and prancing around as if they were young again in no time!

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