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Tabby James Catnip & Valerian Root

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Catnip makes cats happy, and when you open a bottle of Tabby James, even you will have to smile. Our catnip and valerian root are organic and sourced from the Pacific Northwest, an all natural burst of joy for your cat to enjoy.

REGULAR CUT CATNIP: With the regular cut you can see the leaves, twigs, and tiny buds of the plant. Small quantities are freshly packed in airtight glass bottles to ensure the freshest catnip. Use it for training, filling toys, helping your cat acclimate to new things, or just sprinkle it in kittyís favorite place for a nice natural look and the happiest cat.

FINE CUT CATNIP: A finer cut for a finer taste: our Fine Cut Catnip is cut to smaller pieces to bring out the freshness for the most discerning tastes. The catnip is organic, fresh, and packed in perfect quantities so it wonít go stale and your cat can enjoy every last sprinkle. Place some on new furniture to get your cat acquainted with it, on a scratching post, or on your catís favorite toy. With such a fine cut, anything can become a source of pleasure for your cat with none of the mess for you.

VALERIAN ROOT: Even you will love the rich, earthy smell of our organic cut valerian root. The valerian may have a soothing effect on you, but it will turn your cat into a playful ball of energy. For maximum enjoyment, stuff it inside his toys instead of catnip for your picky kitty or to add some variety to a catnip loverís stash.

  • Locally Sourced: 100% certified organic farm fresh catnip, sourced from the Pacific Northwest
  • Fragrant: Air-tight glass container keeps freshness in, for a herb that won't lose its bite
  • Healthy Treat: Healthy, zero-calorie cat treat that promotes exercise and gets cats up and active. Bring out your cat's inner kittent
  • Stylish Design: Stylish, minimalistic design that's a pleasure to look at
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