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Tabby James Catnip Regular Cut (0.6 oz)

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100% catnip and 100% valerian root. Both USDA certified organic.

Useful Information

How do I use it?
Use it for training, filling toys, helping your cat acclimate to new things, or just sprinkle it in kitty’s favorite place for a nice natural look and the happiest cat.

How often should I give my cat catnip or valerian root?
You can indulge your cat with a little catnip or valerian root joy once a day or once a week - as much as you’d like! The excitement from every new pinch of catnip lasts about 10 - 15 minutes before your cat’s senses become overwhelmed and the herb loses its effectiveness. Give your cat some time between doses to wind down so he can fully enjoy every last bit.

Will my cat overdose on catnip?
Technically, no. Most cats seem to sense when they’ve had enough, and they stop on their own. Still, as with all things in life, too much of anything can be bad. On very rare occasions some cats may cough up a hairball if they come into contact with too much catnip, or vomit if they’ve eaten too much of it. If your cat has never had catnip before, we suggest you introduce it slowly in incremental proportions. If you’re not sure about anything or have specific concerns, check with your vet.

What is Catnip?
Catnip is a member of the mint family, and cats go wild for it. Smelling or tasting even a little bit of the oil in catnip turns even older cats into playful kittens.

Why do cats like catnip?
No one really knows! Catnip contains nepetalactone, which emulates reactions typically produced by pheromones, though no one understands exactly why this happens. All we know for sure is that just a whiff of catnip makes cats happy and sends them rolling and jumping around in a state of euphoria.

Why is your catnip different?
We’ve searched high and low to bring you only the freshest, highest quality organic catnip and valerian root. Tabby James catnip is packaged in small doses inside airtight glass bottles so that no catnip ever goes stale or gets wasted. We offer package deals on bottles so you can stock up on sealed, fresh catnip for a rainy day!

My cats are fine without catnip or valerian root, why do I need it now?
Happy cats make us happy too! That’s why we like to add a little extra joy into our cats’ lives even if they’re naturally happy. There are many other reasons to use catnip & valerian root, too - it can be a fantastic training tool, a way to spur a lethargic or elderly cat to exercise, or a de-stressor for getting acquainted with new furniture. And let’s face it, the catnip is a little bit for you too: just try not to smile at seeing your cat in such a happy state!

What if catnip doesn't work for my cats?
Catnip doesn’t work on every cat. Catnip sensitivity is an inherited trait, and about half of all cats don’t carry the gene. Because of this we can’t guarantee that catnip will have an effect on your cat, but we suggest giving it a go to find out!

Can I give catnip to a kitten?
Catnip doesn’t have any effect on kittens. Generally, cats start reacting to catnip when they’re around 6 - 9 months old.

How should I store my catnip?
We’ve taken care to design our catnip bottles to be appealing to the eye - no need to hide these in the back of the cupboard! You can keep your catnip handy as part of your coffee table decor so that kitty euphoria is always just an arm’s reach away. All you need to do is keep the bottle out of direct sunlight, and shut the lid firmly when not in use.

How long should I keep it for?
If stored properly, our catnip can last 6 - 12 months (that is, if your cats don’t go through it by then).

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