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10 Places to Take Your Pet On The West Coast

Are you planning a vacation and want to take your dog with you? More and more of us are and itís a nice way of spending quality time together, taking in all the sights. The West Coast is beautiful and there are some great places that are very dog friendly. So whether youíre planning a vacation or just going for the day these places will delight both you and your best friend.

Hopefully this guide will help you discover the best locations that are suitable for dogs as well as the places where you can take them, for them to run around and enjoy themselves.

Letís take a closer look at the best dog friendly places on the West Coast:

1. San Diego, California
You and your dog will absolutely love San Diego, there is just so much to see and do. It is extremely dog friendly and there are 67 pet friendly hotels there.

If your dog loves going to the beach then youíre in luck as there are three of them here including Fiesta Island Off leash Dog Park, The Original Dog Beach and Capehart Dog Park. San Diego also has 9 hiking trails for dogs, where you and your dog can enjoy the stunning scenery and there are also 19 dog parks in San Diego. San Diego really does have everything covered when it comes to dogs, and your dog is sure to love it there.

2. Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara really is a great location to take your dog they adore dogs there and really do cater for their needs. There are 12 pet friendly hotels there and also there are two great attractions where you can take your dog including Douglas Family Preserve and also Arroyo Burro Beach, which your dog is certain to love. Santa Barbara has four dog parks, and there are five dog friendly hiking trails too. Oceanfront Trail is amazing and you get to walk along the beachside, dogs do need to be kept on a leash here though.

3. San Francisco, California
Everyone loves San Francisco and your dog will too. There are 56 pet friendly hotels there, and boasts 20 dog friendly attractions, they really do love dogs in San Francisco. There are three dog friendly beaches there including Baker Beach, Lands End Beach off Leash Dog Area and Fort Funston Doggie Beach. San Francisco has 52 dog parks, so you really will be spoilt for choice here, your best friend can take their pick. There are 2 dog friendly hiking trails including Lands End Trail and also San Francisco Embarcadero. Your dog is certain to love both.!

4. Palm Springs, California
Palm Springs is just beautiful and you and your dog will absolutely love it there. Palm Springs has 27 pet friendly hotels and your dog is going to really enjoy the dog park thatís there, itís called Palm Springs Dog Park and your dog is certain to enjoy every minute.

5. Los Angeles, California
They love dogs in Los Angeles and all their needs are catered for, there are 30 dog friendly hotels there one of them is the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel, which you and your dog will definitely love. Los Angeles has 23 dog friendly hiking trails including Westridge- Canyonback Wilderness Park and this park offers amazing views of downtown and also stunning views of the ocean. Mount Hollywood Trail is another great hiking trail and you can usually complete the hike in roughly 1.5 hours. Los Angeles also has 10 dog parks, Wattles Garden Park is a great choice so too is Hermon Dog Park at Arroyo Seco Park.

5. Portland, Oregon
Portland is such a great place to take your dog there is just so much there for them. There are 49 pet friendly hotels and there are 23 dog friendly attractions too. Portland has 6 dog friendly hiking trails for you both to take in the sights. Powell Butte Nature Park is a great choice and you really will forget that you are in a city itís just so quiet and peaceful. This park is in the heart of Portland. Powell Butte Trail is a four mile hike that you and your dog can enjoy together and will usually take 1.5 hours to complete. There are 35 off leash dog parks in Portland, so your best friend will have plenty to choose from.

7. Eugene, Oregon
Eugene has lots to offer dog visitors there are 12 pet friendly hotels there including the Best Western Greentree Inn, which your dog is sure to love. There are two friendly dog attractions in Oregon that include Candlelight Park and also Alton Baker off Leash Area. There is one dog friendly hiking trail in Oregon and thatís Mount Pisgah Trail and this is a 7.8 mile hike that will take you roughly 2.5 hours to complete. Itís a beautiful, scenic trail that you will both enjoy. There are 5 off leash dog parks in Eugene including Alton Baker Park off leash area, Candlelight Park, Armitage Dog Park, Wayne Morse Family Farm and also Amazon Dog Park.

8. Bend, Oregon
This place really is dog friendly and you will love it. There are 16 pet friendly hotels in Bend and there are 7 dog friendly hiking trails including Metolius River Trail, Todd Lake Trail, Green Lakes to Soda Creek Trail, Deschutes River Trail, Big Sky Youth Sports Complex Dog Park, Pine Nursery Loop Trail and Mount Bachelor Ski Resort. There is one dog friendly beach in Bend which is dog friendly and itís called Riverbend Beach, this beach is also known as Dog Park Beach. Bend has 4 dog parks including Overturf Park, Wanoga Snow Play Area, Ruffwear Dog Par and Pine Nursery Park.

9. Seattle, Washington
Your dog is going to love Seattle, they adore dogs and it really does show. There are 52 pet friendly hotels there and 2 dog friendly attractions including Magnuson Dog Park and Kenmore Air. There are 5 dog friendly hiking trails in Seattle including Washington Park Arboretum, Seward Park, Duwamish Bikeway, Burke- Gilman Trail and Elliot Bay Trail. Seattle boasts 15 off leash dog parks. Warren G. Magnuson Park off leash dog area is amazing for dogs, it has 6 acres, which is divided up into many smaller areas and your dog will get the chance to swim in Lake Washington and this park also has beach access too. Westcrest Dog Park is another great choice, it is a public park so your dog will have to be kept on a leash but it really is beautiful.

10. Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma has so much to offer, itís a great place to take your dog. There are 8 dog friendly hotels there and one dog friendly attraction and thatís Bertolinoís Cafe. There is one dog friendly beach there called Owen Beach which your dog is going to love. There are 4 dog friendly hiking trails including Browns Point Lighthouse, Jack Hyde Park on Commencement Bay, Minitti Field and Old Town Park. Tacoma has 7 off leash dog parks including Chambers Bay off leash Park and beach, Rogers Dog Park, Wapato Lake Park, Point Defiance Park, Vassault Park, Wright Park and Wet Noses Dry Paws.

Final thoughts
Well as you can see the West Coast really is the place to be with your dog. So if youíre planning a trip with your best friend, head west, there is so much to see and do and you will both thoroughly enjoy yourselves. There are some beautiful places on the west coast that will delight you and your dog. We love taking our dogs on vacation and they love coming with us too, so all thatís left to say is, Happy Travelling!

Julie Page first grew to love writing about pets and the pet industry in 2012 while writing a dog travel journal for a Canadian based company. Julie then discovered a lack of informative dog name websites when researching popular boy dog names. When Julie isnít writing she is on an adventure, or at the very least plotting her next one.

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