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UltraShield Green

Is your pet pooch plagued by pesky flies, gnats, and mosquitos? You don't really need to waste time and effort on swatting them one by one. All you need to do is administer a safe insect repellent spray on your pet's coat to keep it protected and happy. Flies, mosquitos, gnats are more than mere nuisances as they can spread infections and diseases. UltraShield Green is a great product that can keep pesky insects off your petís coat both easily and safely. Pet parents simply need to spray the UltraShield solution directly on their petís coat before taking them outside.
Providing up to 8 hours of protection, Ultra Shield Green is made using a blend of plant-derived ingredients such as lemongrass, citronella, and cedar oils. Devoid of strong chemicals and toxins, this spray can be administered without the risk of subjecting your pet to health side effects. The powerful yet pleasant scent creates an anti-insect barrier which keeps your pet protected by preventing pesky flies and mosquitoes from coming close. UltraShield comes in an easy-spray container for fast administration. Manufactured by Absorbine, the product offers the same degree of reliability that pet owners have come to expect from the brand. Keep your pet protected from fly-borne diseases and conditions by using the UltraShield Green spray.

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