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Herbal & Natural Remedies

Herbal & Natural RemediesHerbal & Natural Remedies

Herbal & Natural Remedies

Some pet owners prefer to keep their pets away from chemically loaded products and look for natural flea treatment methods instead. Natural flea control products can be just as effective in controlling a severe infestation and have pesticide-free composition for fewer side effects and a lower environmental impact. These natural flea treatment products usually utilize ingredients such as peppermint, clove extracts, citronella oil, cedar oil, thyme, cedar wood, rosemary oil and others to get the job done. EntirelyPets offers all-natural flea killer products that you can trust, including herbal and natural flea shampoo, flea spray, flea and tick supplements, sprays, wipes and flea dip solutions that repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more.

Much like any other tick control products, natural flea treatment for dogs and cats can be done using sprays, shampoos and chewable tablets. Natural tick repellent products are also great options for people with small children around the house. Young kids often come in close contact with pets and can get affected by residues of toxic chemical present in the fur. Made from safe, natural ingredients, a topical natural flea killer product poses no threat to your child or your pet. These products are overflowing with natural flea- and tick-repellants - primarily potent herbal blends - that help reduce the risk of unwanted side effects. They're perfect for pets with sensitive skin and allergies. From easy-to-use herbal flea sprays such as Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! to Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Flea Dip, EntirelyPets has the appropriate all-natural flea product for your furry friend.

If you are looking for natural flea treatment for cats and dogs, you have come to the right place. At Entirely Pets, we proudly feature an extensive list of natural flea repellent products. There is no shortage of hoax remedies and so called natural tick repellent ingredients out there. We ensure all the products featured on our site are safe as well as effective in killing and repelling parasitic bugs. Browse our dedicated page to find an entire range of natural tick repellent for dogs and cats manufactured by renowned pet care brands such as Ark Naturals, D-Earth, NaturVet, Richard's Organics, Pet Naturals and less.