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5 Unique Pet Products for Dogs

Are you looking for unique products or gifts for your dog? We've selected the best unique dog products within our catalog that are fun and wacky to satisfy pet owners and dogs. Take a look and try them out today. You and your dog will love them.

Kyjen Plush Bottle Buddies Toys

You just finished drinking water out of a plastic bottle. Do you throw it away or recycle it? We have a better plan. Use it for the Kyjen Plus Bottle Buddies Toy! You can insert a used plastic water bottle into these fun plush character dog toys. Your dog will love the crinkling sound. It will provide your dog with hours of fun while you help the environment.

Chuckit Ball Launcher

Does your dog love fetch a little too much? The Chuckit! Ball Launcher makes it easy to launch balls across vast distances without wearing out your arm. Keep your pooch happy with this incredible ball launcher and increase your throwing potential like never before!

Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball (3 pack)

The Bumble Ball is a unique dog product that will entertain your dog for hours. It does unpredictable jumps, shakes and wiggles. Dogs love this interactive motorized dog toy. This special value 3-pack gives you extra Bumbles Balls to give out as unique dog gifts.

Humunga Stache

"I mustache you a question" is something you will be saying to your dog with this unique dog ball. This wacky dog ball is so fun it will have you laughing as you play fetch with your dog. This fetch toy is made out of solid, non-toxic, all natural rubber. So, it's safe for your dog and hilarious to play with at the same time.

Plush Talking Three Stooges Dog Toys

Do Moe, Larry and Curly from the Three Stooges make you laugh? If so, then this unique dog product will be loved by you and your dog. Each plush dog toy character makes a different sound to entice your dog, making these classic characters come to life.

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