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5 Unique Pet Products for Cats

Cats can be fussy and hard to please at times. They sometimes get bored easily, so it is important to always test out new products. We understand your frustration and that is why we have compiled 5 unique cat products from our catalog. These cat products have been hand selected for your viewing pleasure. Your feline friend will love you for getting them something new and unique.

Pure Commotion by Panic Mouse

What is the best way to get a cat's attention? By letting them play with the Pure Commotion cat toy! This product is an interactive cat toy that bounces and jerks around creating mouse-like movements. It is perfect for amusing your cat's predatory instincts. Your cat will be happy for hours while playing with this electronic cat toy.

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

The Cat DJ Scratching Deck is a fun and unique scratching post. Your cat will look like a DJ on a turntable. You will love to watch them use it while satisfying your cat's natural scratching instinct. Have them scratch this unique cat product instead of furniture or even worse your records!

Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy

Cats love and go crazy over catnip. Now imagine a cigar filled with catnip. Yeowww! has done just that with their Cigar Catnip Toy. It is a fun, silly and unique cat product. Your cat will love the smell of the 100% organic catnip inside the cat toy. Every cat loves a good catnip cigar every now and them.

Cataction SpringString Cat Toy

What cat toy gives your cat exercise and is easy to setup? It's called the SpringString! This unique cat product exercises your cat's body and mind. It has a nylon cord mouse teaser that bounces up and down. This unique cat toy turns a simple doorknob into a cat's playground in seconds.

Kong Kickeroo Tiger Wrestling Catnip Toy

Have you ever noticed your cat rolling around the floor kicking and scratching like they are wrestling? Kong has developed a unique cat toy just for that purpose. The Kickeroo is a wrestling catnip toy designed for wrestling and hind-paw kicking that cats like to do during their rough playtime. This will become your cat's favorite toy in no time.

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