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Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover

Cat or dog urine is one of the toughest substances to get out of carpeting. Unfortunately, our furry friends don't know this and like to pick the carpet as a comfy place to let loose.

Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover eliminates all types of urine and odor stains - even cat urine! Urine Off gets rid of pet urine odors with just a few sprays. This special spray is formulated to eliminate urine odor at the source, and it removes stains and odors on both hard and soft surfaces. 

The spray works on hardwood, carpet, concrete, tile, fabric and more!

Urine Off is safe and easy to use - just spray generously and let it dry. The formula must come into contact with ALL of the urine, so absorbant surfaces like carpet, furniture and mattresses need a good soaking.

Many other odor removing products mask the odor temporarily. Urine-Off works by breaking down the chemicals in urine, to eliminate it completely.

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