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Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners - X-Giant (6 Pack)

Item: DL7
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Van Ness Extra Giant Drawstring Cat Pan Liners provide the perfect solution to cleaning out your cat's litter box. These bags can be placed as lining to your cat's pan to simplify the process of cleaning and to prevent spillage from the pan into the bag. This bag fits into litter pans that measure 36"x19" or smaller and can be closed to seal in the litter with its drawstrings.

The Extra Giant Van Ness Drawstring Cat Pan Liners feature 3-ply, tear-resistant plastic to ensure that they do not tear while transporting litter. This package includes 6 cat pan liners with drawstrings but there is also a package which contains 15 liners available. The bags are also made with recycled content right here in the USA, so order them today!

Key Features:
  • Fits 36"x19" pans
  • Drawstrings for easy clean-up
  • Durable bags to ensure waste is removed easily
  • Useful Information

    Fits Van Ness CP3 giant pan, CP3HS giant high-sides pan and CP7 extra-giant enclosed pan - most other extra-giant pans up to 22" long x 18" wide

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