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  6. Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, X-Large Blue, 21.5" x17.5" x 18"


Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, X-Large Blue, 21.5" x17.5" x 18"

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Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan is ideal for cat parents looking for class-leading odor control and litter scatter elimination. An integrated, replaceable zeolite air filter absorbs foul odors, keeping your home and the area around your cat's litter pan smelling fresh. Fully enclosed with a flap door entryway, Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan keeps the litter in the pan, eliminating litter scatter. It features a high-polished finish that's odor and stain resistant and extremely easy to wipe or spray clean. And it's made in the USA, ensuring quality and safety for your precious fur ball.

Key Benefits:

  • Odor door reduces smells & keeps litter.
  • Polished finish that is odor and stain resistant making it easy to clean.
  • 4 latches lock top to bottom pan and keep liners in place.
  • Extra-large size is perfect for bigger kitties or multiple cat households.
  • Eco Ness Safe & Green 20% recycled content!

Useful Information

Place 3 inches of litter in pan. Clean regularly.

  • Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, Large White requires only (1) Van Ness Zeolite Air Filter.
    • Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan, X-Large Blue requires (2) Van Ness Zeolite Air Filters.

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