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Vetericyn Hoof Care (8 oz) Video

Vetericyn Hoof Care (8 oz)

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Vetericyn Hoof Care is designed to manage thrush, white line, and seedy toe in hooves. It purges & removes pathogens that cause hoof disease. Hoof Care also helps alleviate the buildup of harmful microorganisms on hooves that can cause odor and lameness. This unique formula effectively repairs hooves by penetrating deep into hoof layers and crevices to purge and remove pathogens that cause hoof deterioration and breakdown and promote the growth of healthy tissue.

Key Benefits:

  • Manages thrush, white line, seedy toe
  • Purges & removes pathogens that cause hoof disease
  • Penetrates deeply & leaves protective barrier
  • Promotes healthy regrowth of hoof and connective tissue in the frog, sole and heel
  • Draws out hoof exudates faster than other hoof treatments
  • Use on hooves with sole, frog, and heel bulb damage caused by thrush, seedy toe, and white line separation

Vetericyn Hoof Care has preservative antimicrobial properties that meet or exceed leading hoof treatments on the market. In-vitro testing shows that >99.9999% of both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria are eliminated in the presence of 10% organic soil load.


Active Ingredients:

Electrolyzed Alkalescent Dimethyl Carbinol (99.6%).

Inactive Ingredients:

Bicarbonate Buffer, Blue Dye.

Useful Information

Clean the hoof thoroughly with hoof pick to remove all dirt, debris, and loosen hoof material. Adjust spray nozzle on bottle. Spray the entire hoof sole and soak the frog area with Vetericyn Mobility Hoof Care. After application, let horse stand on dry ground for 5 minutes. Depending on the severity of hoof condition, additional sprays can be applied daily or as needed. For maximum results, avoid prolonged wet environments or standing water until condition is no longer present. A hoof knife can also be used to clean the frog and remove frog tissue as necessary. Consult with your farrier.


We recommend using Vetericyn Hoof Care before the product’s expiration date on the bottle. There are no known safety concerns if the product is used after the expiration date.
This means that Vetericyn Hoof Care contains no ingredients that would result in a positive blood or urine analytical test for non-permitted substances in race or show animals (if ingested or licked). Since there are no banned substances and no steroids or antibiotics, Vetericyn Hoof Care tests free for competitive animals.
Vetericyn Hoof Care has gone through freeze/thaw testing and has shown to not affect the effectiveness of the product. If a bottle was frozen, you may notice leaking as a result of expansion of the formula. The bottle walls may collapse after thawing out or evidence of crystals may be noticeable within the solution if proper storage conditions are not followed.
Vetericyn Hoof Care is to be used per label indications. Vetericyn Hoof Care has no known contraindications and no known negative drug interactions. We do not recommend applying other hoof products in conjunction with Vetericyn Hoof Care.
The product is designed to be sprayed onto the hoof and the trigger sprayer is difficult to remove to minimize the chance of leaking. If a different applicator is desired, the transfer or decanting of Vetericyn Hoof Care can be done but is not recommended.
Vetericyn Hoof Care is unique from other hoof care products and utilizes an innovative technology specifically developed for common hoof ailments. The combination of the spray-on applicator and hyper-osmotic liquid is deep penetrating to purge and remove pathogens that cause hoof deterioration and breakdown, thus optimizing the hoof environment for faster healing.
Vetericyn Hoof Care is only intended for use on the hoof and no other areas of the animal.
Once the first application is applied, it is important to minimize the moisture the hoof is exposed to. If possible, move your horse to an area free of ground water or wet environments. Longer recovery time and additional applications may be necessary depending on the severity of the condition and environmental conditions
Vetericyn Hoof Care was developed to include a bright blue marking dye to help visually see coverage on the hoof during application and also to know when a reapplication is needed. Check your horses’ hoof(s) daily and clean with hoof pick, looking for the Hoof Care blue dye. If the stain has dissipated, reapply as necessary until condition no longer exists.
Vetericyn Hoof Care sprays on and provides deep penetration into the affected areas of the hoof. The product helps purge and remove pathogens that cause hoof deterioration and breakdown. The product was developed with hyperosmotic properties that helps to draw out hoof exudates faster than anything else on the market. Changing the hoof environment is very important in the treatment process and the combination of product application and reducing the hoof’s exposure to moisture is key

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