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Vetoquinol Dentahex and Maintaining Dental Health in Dogs

The experience is nearly universal; perhaps you were returning home from a short trip when it happened, or maybe you were simply emerging from your bedroom after a good night's sleep. The shock subsides as you realize the cause of your newly decimated shoes or your freshly disfigured furniture: your furry friend has found a new favorite fixation for his insatiable compulsion to chew.

It's perfectly natural for pups to pursue the perfect place into which to sink their pearly whites. So rather than leave them to their own devices, why not provide a palatable chew treat that will both whet their appetites and support their dental health? Vétoquinol, the independent and family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company behind Azodyl and Epakitin, has crafted a rawhide treat that provides the perfect texture for chewing while also working to support healthy teeth and gums.

Vétoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews are beef hide treats that are specifically formulated to provide additional support to your dog’s dental health with a snack that’s easy on the gut.

What Makes Dentahex Chews Special?

Typical rawhide treats each serve the same useful purposes. Providing a safe outlet for your dog's impulse to chew can serve to keep your canine calm and collected, and chewing treats with a tough texture can also keep teeth and gums clean by scraping away plaque and tartar. These functions are met by nearly all rawhide treats and Dentahex is no exception, but these functions aren’t what set Dentahex apart from other rawhide chews.

Unlike other rawhide chew treats, Dentahex is specially formulated with a unique ingredient that may further support your dog's dental and digestive health. Each chew is coated with a solution of chlorhexidine gluconate, a pre-enzyme that helps provide additional support for teeth and gum health- and this isn't the only benefit provided by Dentahex’s unique formulation.

Though other rawhides may also use an enzymatic formula to similarly support dental health, even top brands of rawhide chews can prove difficult for dogs to digest normally. That's exactly why Dentahex utilizes Digest-EEZE® in its formula to ensure that each rawhide is easily digested. The treats also utilize 100% natural beef hides from the US to ensure that each piece meets a standard of quality that simply can’t be beat!

In addition to providing an impressive formula that touts a variety of health benefits, Dentahex is priced to move. You can find each size of the treats available at a much lower price than comparable CET Hextra chews and other similar rawhide products in spite of the outstanding quality of each Dentahex chew. With a great price and a formula that supports your dog's health, what more could you ask for when selecting the right chew treat for your pup?

Show Me the Dentahex!

Each bag of Dentahex Oral Care Chews contains thirty of the chews and is resealable to keep each chew fresh. The same unique formulation is available in four different sizes of chews to provide the perfect fit for any dog. Each chew is also processed without the use of formaldehyde in food-grade, certified facilities. In these ways, Vétoquinol strives to meet the standards of excellence that you've come to expect for treats you intend to give to your beloved pooch.

And for additional dental health support, try Dentahex Oral Rinse. Dentahex Oral Rinse uses a 0.12% Chlorhexidine solution and Zinc to further reduce plaque build-up in cats and dogs. Find it for an incredible price here at EntirelyPets!