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Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz)

Item: V021701
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Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz) with Chlorhexidine 0.12% and Zince, is an antimicrobial oral rinse for reducing plaque and freshening breath in dogs and cats. The unique formulation provides anti-plaque and anti-calculus properties thus aiding in the prevention of tooth and gum disease.

Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, SD Alcohol 38B, Flavor, Chlorhexidine gluconate, Poloxamer 407, Zinc gluconate, FD&C yellow #5, FD&C blue #1.

Shake well before each use. Rinse daily following each meal or as directed by your veterinarian. Gently lift the upper lip to expose the teeth and gums. Point and squeeze to apply a gentle stream along the gum line. Oral Rinse disperses rapidly and completely covers the entire oral cavity, even difficult to reach areas. Avoid touching the gums with the applicator tip to avoid any injury in case of movement of your pet.

Customer Reviews

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13 Reviews
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38% (5)
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85% Recommend this product (11 of 13 responses)
By jerry
Hattland , MI
Removed tartar from our dogs' teeth
August 27, 2017
Our vet recommended having our dogs' teeth cleaned. By using Dentahex, the tartar was greatly reduced and their gums had a more healthy look.
By Vicki R.
Excellent Rinse
May 6, 2016
Smells Good - Easy to Use - and it Works - Have only used it for a couple of weeks and have already notice a big difference. The taste is not exactly to my dog's liking but he doesn't overly object to it either.
By GReb
I really like this product
May 4, 2016
4 months ago I started using this product daily after my 6 year old dog had her teeth cleaned at the vet. I squeeze the product on cosmetic cotton pads and then I wipe my dog's teeth and gums with it. I like the way it smells and it appears to be keeping my dog's teeth clean and her breath is staying clean too. Using Dentahex is now a regular daily routine and I recommend this product.
By georgia m.
returned for more
March 28, 2016
This is an excellent product. I use it in my grooming salon when I brush the dog's teeth. I mainly use it for my 13 year old Yorkie with bad gums. It seems to help keep the scum off her teeth and helps her breath. She does not object to my using it so it doesn't sting like other products do. Great stuff! Will keep ordering it.
By csraenvironmentalexaminer
dentahex oral rinse
June 30, 2015
looking for alcohol content--dog has recently removed teeth. SD alcohol 38B (ethanol+) percentage not specified--may be ok for healthy mouth and not ok for mouth with open wounds.

Give your article one star. Don't know about the product yet.
Hill Country, TX
Dentahex: wait and see?
October 10, 2013
A very trusted DVM friend insisted I use Dentahex with my little rescue Dachshund. She had scaling and many teeth extracted less than a year ago, and is already needing another cleaning. My DVM says this product would significantly decrease (if not eliminate) need for scaling - and therefore might not be suggested by other vets since scaling is a pretty good revenue stream in many vet settings. My dog hates it: she fights application and after is really not happy with me. I tasted it: it's terribly bitter - so I don't blame her for being resistant. It remains to be seen if the product works as well as it's been suggested.
By Tux
Review for Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz)
June 26, 2013
I think there's a benefit from using this product regarding dental cleaning and decay/tartar prevention.
By sam
slc utah
dentahex for dog breath
June 4, 2013
item is ok - at least its safe for dogs! dog doesn't like taste - but it does "temperarily" freshen breath. doesn't do much to solve long term problem though
By zeusie
Indianapolis, IN
Works, but would prefer flavorless formula
January 1, 2013
My cat has very severe kidney failure and the condition has made his breath really bad. Apparently the condition affects his saliva. I want to prevent dental issues caused by this condition and bought the Vet Dentahex oral rinse to help. His breath is definitely better after applying the rinse, so I have to assume it's working. I suspect he really hates the mint taste; I would prefer it be a tasteless formula to eliminate this aspect since it's hard enough to hold him still to squirt the stuff in his mouth. I'm holding off on giving it more stars until his next dental check-up to see how well the product works between visits.
By Tina
Orange County, CA
Fresher breath, hopefully better checkup reviews
November 6, 2012
My vet recommended this, and thus far it's been a good product. My dogs have fresher breath, and I hope to get a better review about tartar at our next dental appointment. If that report is positive, I'll change the rating to 5 stars.
By LisaLisa
This stuff is fabulous!
October 22, 2012
I put it on a cotton flat meshy piece that I bought a bunch of from my vet. It's not as absorbant as a cotton ball and I rub it along their teeth and gums once a day. It smells refreshing and helps keep their teeth in good shape and is easier and as effective as brushing.
By Suzie
Solved breath problem
May 30, 2012
This product is great. My dog hates it but no longer has bad breath. His breath was unbearable even after faithfully brushing his teeth. Now I only use this maybe once a week.
By forbes
Good Product
February 19, 2012
As a professional groomer, i find this product easy to use, does the job and is inexpensive.

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