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3-PACK VetriScience Vetri Lysine Plus (360 Bite-Sized Chews)

Item: VETRI0208-3PK
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VetriScience Vetri-lysine Plus Soft Chews (360 chews) is a highly palatable chicken liver flavored soft chew formula designed to support Immune System Function for cats and kittens only.

Vetri-Lysine Plus Supports

  • Immune system Function
  • Collagen formation
  • Tissue repair
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Antibody and Lymphocyte production
  • Directions

    Adult Cat: Give 1 or 2 soft chews, twice daily.
    Kittens: Give 1 soft chew, twice daily.


    Active Ingredients Per Approximately 2 Soft Chews:
    L-Lysine . . . . . . . . . . . . . .250 mg
    N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) HCl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 mg
    Inactive Ingredients: brewers yeast, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, glycerin, mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, proprietary blend (maltodextrin, sodium alginate and calcium sulfate), rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, soy lecithin, vegetable oil.

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    156 Reviews
    81% (127)
    13% (20)
    2% (3)
    2% (3)
    2% (3)
    96% Recommend this product (149 of 156 responses)
    By Pauline N.
    Greatest Cat Supplement
    November 9, 2021
    It is good for improving of Immune system.
    By Suzanne L.
    Birmingham, AL
    My cat thinks these are treats!
    February 8, 2021
    I adopted her close to 13 years ago. I took her to a vet that specializes in cats only. On that visit I was informed that she had gotten the herpes virus in her eyes during birth. This product was recommended to me as a supplement with great results! I've been giving these to her daily & she loves them! All I have to do is shake the bag & she comes running to take them. For it to be considered a medicine she thinks they are a treat for her. No problems getting her to take them & they help her eyes if they get irritated from stressful situations like moving. Vetri Science products work great & my cat knows I refer to them as her medicine treats & looks forward to them daily!
    B'ham, AL
    • They work great clearing red irritated eyes up fast! Plus your cat will look forward to taking them.
    • None that I've encountered
    By Jayneack
    Nantucket, Ma
    VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Soft Chews are Purrfect!
    October 10, 2018
    Our veterinarian recommended these VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Soft Chews for our three kitties as cats are susceptible to upper respiratory infections. One of our kitties develops sneezing periodically; giving 3 Lysine "fishies" a day to all kitties has kept them healthy and respiratory Clear! They love the taste and literally run to the kitchen when I say, " fishies treats!" A purrfect product for ease of convenience; no more crushing lysine tablets in their food!
    By Pixie
    Items received in excellent condition
    October 10, 2018
    Bought vetri-lysine plus -soft chews n lean treats and some other stuffs. Items took a while to arrive but otherwise great experience!
    By Holly N.
    Kauai, HI
    Recommended by my holistic vet
    July 14, 2016
    My now two year old cat has been on VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus since she was a very sickly kitten with, if memory serves me right, herpes virus--copious eye discharge, almost closed eyes. Sophie is now healthy and happy and (knock wood) will continue to be so.
    By Bradley B.
    Good product and great delivery time
    May 10, 2016
    I have read alot about this product helping with cats and their issues with certain viruses. I have 4 cats and have used 2 "treats" in the morning and 2 in the evening for each for about 3 years. I increase the amounts if one of my girls starts showing symptoms (excessive sneezing or drippy eyes).
    By jb
    New York, NY
    Changed Formula - Your cat will not like it!
    May 4, 2016
    In April 2016, I ordered the Vetri Science Lysine Plus treats which my cat has always loved, but she will not touch these. The package is identical to the ones I have been giving her daily and the treats look exactly the same, but she stiffs these and walks away. I tried putting out a couple of treats from both the new package and the old package I had at home to see what she would do when they were side by side. She picked out and ate the old ones and would not even taste the new ones. I just spent $92 on a six pack and will be asking for my money back.
    By Cowrider
    NY, NY
    Lysine Chews!
    April 16, 2016
    Feline has been on the Lysine Plus soft chews for 2+ years. As long as the cat eats the chews he does very well! I notice if not eating the chews, his eyes will begin to have a puffy look. I recommend this product because overall, the cat remains healthy!
    By Jete's M.
    Lysine for Cats
    April 6, 2016
    My girl Jete loves them and has since she was 12 weeks. She thinks they are treats instead of medication needed for her respiratory system. I found Entirely Pets to have the best prices around and they have been delivering my orders with no problems whatsoever. You'll enjoy them. So will your pet.
    By Kay
    Milton, Pa
    Won't be without this.
    February 29, 2016
    My cat loves the taste of these Lysine chews. So it has never been a problem to get him to take them. He has fewer episodes and they are shorter duration when he does get them.
    By HazelC
    Chicago, IL
    December 29, 2015
    My kitty has weepy eyes that the vet can't fix. These chews keep her weepiness to a minimum. If I ever run out of them, in the couple of days it takes to get an order delivered, her eyes weep a lot more.
    By Dog
    Great product
    December 21, 2015
    Excellent product. Good purchase for cats.
    By Betsy
    San Antonio, Texas
    Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews The BEST
    September 22, 2015
    I adopted a VERY, VERY sick kitten at age 8 weeks. After $2800.00, the vet had me start giving the Vetri-Lysine chews. She is now 5yrs old and healthy as a "horse". Beckie has had two a day, for 5 years and will have until she dies!
    A MUST supplement for good health!
    By Kay
    Wonderful product
    July 4, 2015
    So glad my vet recommended Vetri-Lysine. It really has helped my cat's eye problem.
    By 6 1.
    North Carolina
    1 out of 2 ain't bad
    July 1, 2015
    Have two girls with occasional weepy eye likely due to herpes. Vet recommended adding a lysine supplement to their diet. Have had success with other Vetri-Science soft chews. One of two likes the lysine chews. The other has eaten them off and on, but now mainly off. Will stay with this for the one, easy for me, easy for her.
    By Catlover
    Excellent product
    June 30, 2015
    My cats love these. These were recommended by the vet and have helped my cats' runny eyes. Great product.
    By none
    Reliable product
    June 30, 2015
    This item is needed by my cat. It is easy to administer with or without food and is less expensive that the price my vet charges.
    By Julie
    Review for 3 PACK VetriScience Vetri-Lysine Plus - Soft Chews (360 chews)
    June 29, 2015
    I have an FIV rescue cat and this product has helped to keep her healthy & happy. She will not be without it :)
    By eccentric l.
    they like it
    June 27, 2015
    the purchase arrived in perfect condition and great speed, the cats like the taste (which is SOOOO important while trying to get a cat to take meds of any kind, at this point I believe it is helping the cats respiratory problems
    By Sandy
    Awesome product!
    June 9, 2015
    I have 3 feral cats that are tamed enough for me to feed and pet them. They all have herpes and all the terrible symptoms that come with it. I started giving them these chews, twice a day and their symptoms have suppressed to the point they don't cough, wheeze or have eye discharge. I love this product and buying it in packs of three is the best value for my money.
    By mollymandy
    North Carolina
    Cats love it!
    May 6, 2015
    These soft chews were recommended by our vet
    for one of my cats that was having eye dis-
    charge/infection(?)/Allergies. The antibiotic cream
    he prescribed was very difficult to use and the
    discharge returned. These lysine chews are a
    big hit with both cats and they can hardly wait
    from morning to evening to get their next 2 treats.
    The eye is clear and the "girls" energy seems to
    be greater. I'm on automatic shipment and will
    continue as long the product works. Thanks!!
    By JoJo
    upper N.Y state
    Great product
    April 29, 2015
    Have used this for over two years now, our "Big Boy" was always getting upper respatory infections, until we put him on this, vary rarely does he get them any more, so I would recommend this to everybody.
    By cat m.
    Berea Ohio
    very reasonably priced
    April 23, 2015
    Bought these soft chews for my cat who had a bad
    upper respiratory infection which turned into a residual raspy rattling inside his lung area, they are suppose to be for immune systems but they are also good for all my cats and thats why I like them
    By Darcy
    Durham, CT
    my cat loves this!
    April 14, 2015
    My cat has immune issues and not sure how much it helps but he loves it and hope that it has kept him from getting sicker. I will continue to use this to help boost his immunity.
    By MTCowgirl
    Finicky Kitty Likes them
    March 21, 2015
    When my Vet recommended that I start my little girl kitty on these I was not sure she would eat them. She usually ONLY eats her cat food, does not like most cat treats.
    But, I was pleasantly surprised she really likes them. Because they are a little soft, she can not or will not bit into when I first give it to her. She mouths / licks it a bit and then chews it up and wants more.
    No side affects... and seems to be helping.
    By Jb
    My Cat Loves These
    January 16, 2015
    My Vet recommended these Lysine chews for my older cat who has a chronic eye condition. Thankfully my cat loves these treats and they also do a great job of keeping his condition fairly well under control. Entirely Pets offers a very reasonable bulk package of three with super fast shipping, and the product is always fresh upon arrival. Highly recommend the Vetri Science Vetri-Lysine Soft Chews while also highly recommending Entirely Pets!
    By Minxie
    Vetri-Lysine Plus/cats - Best Quality & service!
    October 7, 2014
    This is the second time I have ordered a 3 pack of the Vetri-Lysine Plus for my cat. Her Vet wanted her to start taking 2 ea am & pm to support her immune health. This product is excellent! She is feeling much better & loves her "Special Treats". It is a win-win situation - she has bounced back to health & it is not a hassle for her to take the treats - she can't wait to eat them.
    Purchasing them thru Entirely Pets was a huge money saver vs driving to the vet & paying $$!! Their shipping was so fast - my last order was placed on a Friday afternoon & I received my order on Monday (I didn't ask for O/N shipping). Entirely Pets is in CA & I live in CT. You will not be disappointed - excellent product, service & follow-up. Thanks so much Entirely Pets! I'm so glad I found you!!
    By Monica
    Northern Virginia
    Best product for my cat
    September 18, 2014
    A couple times a year my cat develops this awful sneezing and runny eyes and looks so sad. The vet prescirbes Lysine and it clears up in about a week. My pet sitter told me about the vetri-Science lysine soft chews. I give the cat a couple of these every day and she hasn't bee sick in over a year. I wouldn't go without them and highly recommend this product.
    By babs
    Cats Will Eat the Chews
    August 27, 2014
    Both cats will happily take their Lysine chews. We give them to the cats hoping the replication of their herpes virus will be slowed. We hope that is the case.
    By Jennifer
    Unexpected Miracle
    August 3, 2014
    Originally my vet prescribed this for my mothers cat who had herpes, and also told me it would be good for a cat that I had with weepy eyes. So I bought a 6 pack from your website and started giving it every day to all 7 of our cats. One cat, however, had been deteriorating a year prior. Before I knew about this product our 9 year old, Rambo, who the vet suspected had had a stroke, was going downhill fast. We ran blood test and x rays and still no one knew what was wrong. The vet told us he could also have a tumor on his spine, but regardless we had to start thinking of putting him down. He no longer wanted to go outside, he could barely lift his front legs, had to be carried to the litter box 2-3 times a day and no longer groomed himself. His nails started growing into his paws from lack of activity and we had to constantly put him threw trimming them ourselves. Sadly, we had given up hope for Rambo. But after about 3-4 weeks on vetri-lysine we started to see a change. He was going outside again. He was walking up the stairs and using the litter box again. We'd see him grooming himself! But the miracle was the day I saw him chasing a ball threw the house. It's been a year now, and every morning he gobbles up his chews and goes to the door to be let out. Whatever was wrong with him, and even the vet is still curious, he's gotten threw the worst of it. He's the cat he always was, and even though he's up there in years we know he still has some left, and a new lease on life! Thank You for carrying this product at a discount so that we are always able to afford giving our cats the best!

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