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Virbac Shampoo Reviews

Proper hygiene is an absolutely vital facet of health care, yet itís something that is regularly neglected by pet owners. In the winter, skin becomes dry and fur becomes brittle as the arid air evokes dermal demands for alleviative attention. One of the most important ways pet owners can care for both the skin and coat of their beloved furry friends is a proper bath with the appropriate shampoo. Not only do baths wash away dead skin and leave a pet smelling great, but they can also moisturize cracked skin and condition tousled fur.

One premium purveyor of pet shampoos is Virbac Animal Health. Virbac produces a wide assortment of popular shampoos that not only clean your pet, but that also leave their skin and coat feeling refreshed and smelling great. With shampoos that relieve itching and heal damaged skin, combat skin infections, and eliminate fleas and ticks- itís no wonder that Virbac shampoos are loved by customers everywhere. Don't take our word for it- check out these real reviews to see what customers have to say about Virbac shampoo products.

If your dog has ticks or other unsightly parasites then gsdsteph and her German Shepherd know exactly what to use. Check out what Steph had to say about Virbacís Ecto-Soothe 3X Flea Shampoo:

"I have used this product for several years. First tried it when my dog was loaded with seed ticks. The ticks fell off quickly, even the ones I didn't find! The dogs' coats are silky and shiny. The smell is delightful. I recommend wetting the fur before application. Rinse thoroughly."

But not all skin and coat problems are caused by parasites. Some pets simply need a way to relieve itchy skin and keep their coat soft. Titus knows that nothing works to relieve itchy skin like Virbac Cortisoothe!

"Couldn't find this shampoo anywhere. The vet used to carry it but said they couldn't order any more. My dog has severe allergies and this is one thing that really helps him from itching so much. I'm glad I found it here and it was here the next day after I ordered it. Also it was $25 cheaper than what the vet charged me for it. I will purchase again in the future!"

Not only does Cortisoothe work to general itchiness, but it also combats hot spots and allergies as well. Just ask David B., who is more than satisfied with how it helped his Shepherd mix (pictured to the right):

"Entirely Pets asked for a review of this product something like 60 days after I purchased it. Good for them! I have used this twice and had time to view the results. Manny was suffering terribly from hot spots due to his flea allergy. This shampoo quickly gave him the itching relief allowing the hot spots time to heal. This is a good alternative to the tee tree oil shampoos (that I also use) but without the skin and coat drying effect."

Though Cortisoothe handles allergies and itchy skin, Virbac's top-selling Hexadene Shampoo is intended specifically for cats and dogs with severe and chronic skin problems. To see just how powerful this formula is, we need only ask Dar, whose Cocker Spaniel was saved from dire straits by this miraculous solution:

"Our male cocker has had skin problems for a few years. Last year they got real bad and took him to a doggie dermatologist who put him on Omega vitamins and baths once a week with this shampoo. His skin is the best it has been. The dermatologists started carrying something else. This worked and we are sticking with it. Delivery was in a couple of days. We are very pleased."