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What is Dasuquin for Dogs?

We love our pets and do our best to take care of them. However, one common problem that often goes neglected is the development of joint problems in dogs. Dogs weigh more than cats do, which means they must endure more stress on their joints. This stress causes deterioration in active dogs throughout their lives, exposing them to the risks of osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint-related disorders. These disorders can be treated, though they can be crippling and even life-threatening to pets.

For dogís that are suffering from joint problems, there are a wide variety of joint supplements and therapeutic treatments that can help promote healthier joints. Dasuquin for Dogs provides relief and supplementation that works to strengthen your dogís joints, to reduce inflammation, and to relieve joint-related pain. Dasuquin accomplished this in an effective manner by combining ingredients that are essential to joint health into one, comprehensive supplement.

Dasuquin is great for dogs that have a history of joint problems and need to recover or for dogs that are healthy and seek preventive measures. Itís important to know the signs of joint pain in dogs, as they can be extremely subtle. If you notice that your dog is slow to get up or get down or that he appears tired and less eager to exercise then it may indicate that your dog is suffering from joint pain. If you notice these symptoms then you should consult a veterinarian about managing your petís condition before further complications develop.

How Does It Work?

Dasuquin combines some of the most popular ingredients in the industry to provide comprehensive joint care. Chondroitin and glucosamine both act as essential components in the construction of cartilage and in its repair. Though the body needs these components to keep joints healthy, it can come up short without dietary supplementation. Dasuquin ensures that there are plenty of these raw materials and other useful nutrients in each dose.

In addition to glucosamine and chondroitin, this formula includes Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), another common ingredient in joint care supplements. MSM raises sulfur levels in your dogís system- the sulfur then helps to reduce inflammation in damaged joints. By reducing inflammation, MSM works to reduce future damage done to joints. Additionally, combating inflammation also works to relieve pain caused by said inflammation.

What sets Dasuquin apart from other joint supplements is its inclusion of Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASUs). These ASUs have been clinically shown to have beneficial effects on subjects with osteoarthritis. The studies revealed that ASU worked to reduce pain and inflammation in those suffering from the condition. This highly effective formula is also easy to administer to your dog, as it comes in the form of a palatable liver-flavored pill.

Alternative Joint Care Products and Treatments

In addition to providing joint relief to dogs, Dasuquin also a special formula available to help cats that suffer from joint problems. Several formulations are also available to dog owners to find the optimal dosage for their dog, based on the weight of their pet. As stated, Dasuquin typically comes in the form of a chewable tablet; however, there are also soft chews available for dogs that provide the same comprehensive supplementation.

In addition to giving your dog supplements, you can help combat Degenerative Joint Disease with a variety of delicious treats specially formulated to provide supplemental joint care, treatments such as orthopedic heating pads, and general weight loss and light exercise. Take care of your petís joints today by ordering Dasuquin products here at EntirelyPets!