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Who Makes Phycox?

Arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems are some of the most common afflictions in pets. Most large dogs will encounter joint problems in their life and dogs that are particularly active or overweight bear greater risk. To ensure that your pet stays healthy, there are a wide variety of supplements available that offer the nutrients needed to maintain healthy joints. One of the most popular and effective supplements is Phycox.

Phycox is available in different formulations, each of which offers joint support to dogs. Phycox One, Phycox Max, and Phycox One Max HA each offer different levels of protection from degenerative joint diseases. Phycox One includes MSM, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, boron, creatine monohydrate, and phycocyanin. Phycox MAX adds EPA, DHA, Flaxssed Oil, and other ingredients to the list; Phycox One MAX HA combines these elements into one hypoallergenic formula.

Each ingredient makes its own unique contribution to your pet's joint health. In addition to providing the components needed for joint reconstruction and repair, Phycox provides nutrients that strengthen muscles and improve the immune system to stave off a wide variety of afflictions that might harm your pet. In spite of positive customer reviews and scientifically confirmed efficacy, it can be useful to know where your supplements come from.

Who is PSPC, Inc?

Phycox Companion Animal Supplements, Inc. is an international company that distributes its pet supplements across Europe, Asia, and America. Though originally founded in Nebraska in 2012, the company’s central headquarters are currently located in Melbourne, Florida. Even today, PSPC, Inc. continues to research joint health in dogs and horses; the company then uses this knowledge to improve their products and ensure that they remain the most effective supplements on the market. This continual research is only a small component of their commitment to pets.

PSPC, Inc. maintains the integrity of the product they've worked so hard to create by limiting their channels of distribution. The company only sells their products through veterinary channels to ensure that it is sold and handled responsibly. This commitment to animal safety and welfare shines not only through these sales and research policies, but also in PSPC's service to the community.

PSPC, Inc. is a smaller company with less than 50 employees. Despite its small size and recent inception, the company has already managed to establish itself as a philanthropic presence. In Nebraska, a representative for PSPC presented the Pieloch Pet Adoption Center in Nebraska with a $1.5 million donation on the company’s behalf. The company also donated $12,000 to the Central Florida Animal Reserve when an unexpected storm caused physical damaged that threatened to bankrupt the organization and endanger more than 45 large cats.

Choosing the Right Supplement

As previously stated, PSPC, Inc. produces several formulations of Phycox to fit the needs of any pet. When determining which supplement is ideal for your pet, consider their age and the current state of their health. If a pet is already suffering from arthritis, they may need a stronger supplement than one who simply needs to maintain healthy joints. Severe cases of arthritis warrant the use of their strongest supplement, Phycox One Max HA.

The second thing to consider when choosing a supplement is whether or not your pet has any allergies. Pets can be allergic to ingredients in medication or food; for these pets, there are formulations of Phycox One and Phycox Max that are hypoallergenic. For customers who would prefer a joint supplement that is not Phycox, PSPC, Inc. also produces a supplement called ReMatrix.

ReMatrix is another veterinary strength soft chew supplement aimed at protecting your dog’s joints. This supplement includes Chondroitin Sulfate, a component used to repair cartilage. This supplement also includes many of the ingredients found in Phycox. Another option for protecting your dog’s joints is using specially formulated treats, like Bonies Joint Formula. Do you use Phycox or another joint supplement to care for your dog? Let us know in the comments section!