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Whole Life Living Treats Freeze Dried

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Whole Life Living Treats Freeze Dried Anti-Oxidant Blend combine an assortment of natural ingredients to create a nutritious snack with a uniquely satisfying flavor. Made without preservatives, grains, glutens, or other fillers- each treat contains a blend of quality ingredients. These treats combine flaxseed, fruits, vegetables, and Greek yogurt to provide live active cultures that support digestive health.

Whole Life Living Treats Freeze Dried Anti-Oxidant Blend is freeze dried to preserve the nutritional value of each ingredient and is made and sourced entirely in the USA. This resealable bag includes 2.3 ounces of treats that have been safety tested to ensure their quality. Provide your pooch with a snack that's more than just a treat- order this delectable blend to promote digestive health in your pup today!

Key Features:
  • Made with natural ingredients and no preservatives, grains or glutens
  • Contains live active cultures that promote digestive health
  • Made, sourced, and tested in the USA
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