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Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone Reviews

Zymox Otic is an enzymatic solution that treats both acute and chronic cases of otitis externa. Otitis externa is a condition in which the outer ear becomes inflamed and painful. This condition can be extremely painful for pets and can cause the growth of maleficent bacteria and fungi. Zymox Otic works to not only resolve the infection and its symptoms, but also to eliminate these microorganisms that threaten your pet’s health.

With painful conditions like otitis externa, pet owners want to resolve the problem quickly and effectively. One of the most reliable resources consumers can use to determine if a treatment is effective is to look at the reviews left for that product. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite reviews to show you why Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone is one of the leading treatments for this condition.

In this review, hotshot6928 tells the tale of how Zymox Otic healed his dog after years of fighting chronic infections and how healing the condition changes his dog’s attitude for the better.

"We have a Yellow Lab pure bread that has been fighting ear infections for years. We were spending a lot of money at the vet with medications that would only remove the infections for a short time. The infection would return usually in a month or 2 giving us another reason we had to go back to the vet and spend a lot of money again. We tried Zymox Otic w/Hydrocortisone and it took about 2 weeks and suddenly his ear infections were clearing up and the inside color of his ear changed from a darker red to skin color, a nice soft pink. He is 10 yrs old and his attitude changed as well and he is very perky and acts like when he was a puppy! We cannot believe the change! We had our doubts, however we stand behind this product 1,000,000,000%. Very simply it did exactly what it said it was going to do, just follow the instructions."

Hotshot6928 ‘s story tells us how effective Zymox Otic can be when used on dogs- but what about when it’s used on cats? Well, this reviewer, known simply as ":)", assures us that it works just as well for our feline friends!

"I have a cat with chronic otitis. She's had so so many combinations of medications from the vet. Nothing worked. I found this product while doing some research for natural remedies. I noticed the ears began clearing up within 24 hours. After 10 days her ears were pink and clean! What I love best is you apply it once a day and there is no rinsing or wiping between applications. My cat seemed to appreciate that as well! :)"

Many pet owners would pay top dollar for a product that is as effective as Zymox Otic. But Brianne knows that there’s no need to empty your wallet because for her, this medication is “saving [her] hundreds!”
"Our Molly was boarded over the long christmas/new year holiday and when I picked her up both ears were bright red on the inside and she was constantly scratching at them and shaking her head. She's had several ear infections in the past so this really wasn't a surprise to me. The vet was closed for the night so I went online to see if there were any home options other than diluted vinegar when I ran across the website and the Zymox product. I bought a bottle and paid for overnight shipping. When it didn't arrive when it was supposed to the company made it show up on my door the very next day and credited me back some of the shipping cost (excellent customer service). My wheaten quit scratching at her ears almost immediately and within 3 days both ears seemed to be cured and we haven't had an issue since. My vet bill would have been well over $100 for the visit and meds, and I still have plenty in the bottle in case there is a next time (and because she won't stay out of the pond out back, I'm sure to have a next time). I'm so happy that I found both Zymox and the site. :)"

Brianne shows that Zymox Otic is the best option for treating otitis externa, both for its efficacy and for its affordability. There’s no better option for treating your pet’s ears than Zymox Otic- so then, where’s the best place to get it? Misty and her Dachshund know the answer!
"My Dachshund, Corky, was shaking her head constantly. I used Zymox Otic and within a couple of days the symptoms disappeared completely. Also, I ordered from Entirely Pets on a Saturday morning and the package was waiting for me Monday when I got home from work! Fastest online shipment I have ever received, which was great as Corky was in an agitated state with her itchy ears. Thanks!"