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10 Tips To Keep Your Pet And Home Clean When It Rains

Rainy season is already upon us. Do you dread the rainy days? Do you fear that your house will become a puddle? If you have a dog that needs walking, your worries are rational. However, you can always find simple solutions to help you. Your home and your pet will be clean. All you need to do is to listen to the tips provided:

1. Get Your Pet Out Of The House
Do not keep pets at home all the time. It may not seem logical. However, if you isolate them, they may become restless. As a result, you will not be able to control them when outside. Moreover, your pet will transform into a lump of mud. Go outside as frequently as possible. Make short walks even in the bad weather.

2. Provide Indoor Activities
It may contradict the previous statement. However, you may want to eliminate your pet’s exposure to bad weather. Think of the activities you can do inside the house. Spend as much time as possible with your pets. They will appreciate it. New exciting toys may help too.

3. Close Your Pet Doors
Close exit and entrances. Make sure that pet doors are closed. You may need to block it or provide isolation. Secure the regular door as well. This way your pet will not go out without permission. It is essential when it is raining. It will also keep warm air inside your home. And it is going to avert frosty air from sneaking in.

4. Set Boundaries With Your Pets
Make boundaries. Wondering how to walk a dog in the rain? There is one simple rule. Always use a leash when going outside. You will be able to control your dog. You will prevent his or hers jumps and strolls into puddles. Take your pet in your arms if she or he is very small.

5. Rainproof Yourselves
It is crucial to use protective clothes. Various raincoats for small dogs as well as big breeds are available nowadays. Do not forget to use one yourself. Rainproof shoes and paw protectors worth your consideration too. Protectors may also prevent from wounds on paws. Pay special attention to your dog’s ears. Cover them when going for a walk.

6. Use Paw Cleaners
There are various types of paw cleaners. You may find numerous doormats, towels, and fiber rags or mittens. We suggest trying dog paw cleaner. Pet’s paws are placed in the cleaner to get all the dirt and sticky mud off. Pet paw wipes also work great for this!

7. Dry Off!
Using towels and rags can help you a lot. Nonetheless, it is difficult to make your pet completely dry with a towel. Use a blow dryer to dry up the fur. It will also limit moist from spreading all over. It will also keep a pet warm. Especially, if it is not only rainy but also brisk. Be careful, though. Pets are afraid of blow dryers at first.

8. Prevent Odors
You have your dog dried an odor is still there. Pet towels and beds are sure to have a bad smell. Odor eliminators can be of the great help. Make sure to use those with natural ingredients. There should not be any covering fragrances or chemicals. Otherwise, your pet may get allergies and skin irritation.

9. What About The Cat?
Cats are a bit easier to keep indoors. Nonetheless, if your cat needs walking outside, you may use tips for dogs. If you worry about your little kitten, you do not have to. You can prep your home for fluffy cuteness.

10. Make Room For A Mudroom
Last but not least. If it is possible, organize a mudroom in your house. Think of it as of a purgatory. Every member of your family has to purify himself or herself there. A few things you need to remember to create a mudroom:
— Use easy to clean floor and wall protection. Vinyl flooring or linoleum are the best choices.
— Raincoats and boots should always stay in a mudroom so mud and moisture will not spread around the house.
— Keep the means of cleaning and drying your pets only there. Towels, rags, and paw cleaners should stay in a mudroom.
— Clean and dry everyone in there. Letting your pet inside, as soon as the raincoat is off, is counterproductive. The mudroom was designed for mud to stay in.

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