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Finding Pet Friendly Housing

Finding pet-friendly housing options is difficult and there is no doubt that bringing a pet along scares most landlords. Pet-friendly landlords do exist but are often more open to cats than dogs. In reality, pet-friendly apartment listings are sparse, and are often linked with high rent, deposits, and fees. This can make bringing pets along a serious chore.

pug wears a red bow tie

FIREPAW, Inc, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare, concluded in a recent survey that landlords charged a nationwide average of $185 more for a deposit and higher rates for rents because they anticipated noise problems and property damage. Keep in mind that there are solutions that can help prevent damage to your rental. For example, if your dog has a tendency to chew, try a no chew spray product.

Despite landlord weariness around pets, FIREPAW also discovered that pet-friendly renters are more likely to rent longer and pet-friendly rentals were cheaper to advertise as demand was much higher. Pet-friendly rentals are more profitable for landlords.

Here are a few tips that truly help pet owners eliminate snags when looking for a new apartment:

1. Interviews Are For Pets, Too! Set up an interview with your future housing board, landlord, or HOA and let them meet your pet. This method is no different than peer-to-peer interviews: Would you hire someone over the phone without face-to-face interaction? This tactic is also important for the pet. It gives your pet a chance to meet a new person, get introduced to new smells, and work on socializing. Be sure to clean your dog with some excellent smelling shampoo before the interview, and make sure he is flea-free too!

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2. Prep Your Papers. Attend puppy training classes and other behavior seminars and make copies of all your pets certificates of completion. If you canít afford these, there are plenty of online resources to help you train your puppy. Create a copy of all your petís vaccines and share them with your future landlords in the interview. This will not only demonstrate that your pet is socialized, well behaved, and up-to-date on his or her shots, it will also show your future landlord that you are a responsible owner willing to go above and beyond.

3. Get References. Yes, that is correct! Get references from your vet, pet sitters, friends, and family. These papers arenít meant to venerate how great your pet is. These references are intended to give your future landlord some insight into your petís personality.

The beauty of these tips is so few people go above and beyond, giving you an advantage against the odds. Some cities, namely New York City, require interviews with a housing board as standard procedure during the application process. Even so, you can show your board how passionate you are as a responsible pet owner by curating your pets own ďresume.Ē

4. Be Prepared To Keep Your Apartment Clean There are many ways you can ensure that your rental stays in excellent shape too! Having a stain and odor remover on hand will help you clean properly in case of an accident. Providing your pet with toys while you are at work will keep him distracted from the things you donít want him chewing on (your furniture and doors). Remember to always pick up after your dog when you walk, a landlord dreads having a property full of doggy doo! Having these tools on hand will help keep all involved parties happy.

dog eat pillow

Follow these tips and I guarantee you will impress even the most stern landlords.

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