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6 Products To Help Make Pet Parenting Easy

Are you a pet parent looking for the best hacks to help bring your pet parenting skills to the next level? From apparels to grooming supplies, cleaning to sanitation, feeding supplies to pet techs and gadgets, there are countless products that are designed to make pet parenting easier.

Now you can keep a check on your pet at any time and even if you don’t, you know that he is safe. Technology has become a boon for people, especially pet parents. Here are six pet products to make your pet parenting easier.

1. Automatic Feeders And Waterers

With this awesome invention, you now need not worry when to feed or water your pet unless the stock is over in the storage area. There are several DIY automatic feeders and waterers that could make things lot more convenient for you.

Normal bowls for pets are now a thing of the past. Pet feeders and waterers, which require you to only fill up the storage, is a total fad. You don’t need to put any reminders to feed your pet or water them. Instead, this work will be done by the automatic feeder. But always make sure to check the automatic waterers and feeders in case of a sneaky pet who might have broken into the storage bin!

The feeder allows your pet to eat at scheduled timings and prevents overeating. The timer can be set on a program timer present in or on the feeder and waterer. Some feeder works by gravity.

2. Pet Monitor

Pet monitors work like baby monitors. This gadget enables the user to speak, view, listen, and interact well with the pets from anywhere. There is a laser present within this mechanism which allows you to play with your pet even when you are away.

The monitor has built-in speakers and microphones which for communication by both sides. This can be controlled by your smartphone. The pet monitor rotates 340 degrees with up and down video motions. This feature makes it easier for you to place it at heights as well.

You can capture pictures and videos from the mobile device which has been paired with the monitor. The best part of this gadget is that multiple users can connect to the pet monitor. They come in various colors too.

3. Dog Ball Launcher

You too tired from work, but had to play with your dog? Now, it is possible for you to take rest while your dog plays fetch-the-ball. iFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher keeps your pet engrossed in fetching the ball while you are taking rest or are working.

You get the freedom to cater your own needs and watch your pooch enjoy the ball launcher. This launcher includes three small tennis balls that can be launched by iFetch. The machine can launch at various speeds and ranges. The settings can always be altered.

This gadget can be used indoors also. They can be charged by batteries or the AC adapter that is provided along with the machine. With this ball launcher, your dog will always have something to play fetch with.

4. Pawz Dog Boots

You can take your doggie out anywhere and in any weather without worrying if the road is rocky or too hot because of the heat, etc. Now inventors have created an ‘Pawz Dog Boots’. Active and aging pets both can wear these shoes.

These shoes are specially designed to protect the paws of your pet. Additionally, it provides great stability and traction. They are perfect for any weather and adventure trips due to the neoprene uppers and non-marking rubber soles.

The rubber soles protect the paws from sharp objects. These shoes also protect the delicate flooring from being scratched from nail marks. They are light in weight and breathable. The pet shoes are easy to put on and take off. It has Velcro straps that wrap around the leg to keep the shoe in place.

5. Pet Flap Doors

Are you tired of opening the door repetitively for your dog? Now, you do not need to move even an inch. Thanks to this smart creation of pet doors which can be installed on the existing doors.

Pet flap doors could be of plastic, wood or any other material as preferable to you. The flaps are usually made up of vinyl and some flaps have a magnetic bar at the end for the secure closing of the pet door.

The pet doors come in various sizes, depending on how big is your pet. Pet flap door makes it easier for your pet to go out to the balcony or garden area to do their business. Plus, you do not need to get up in between work timings and wouldn’t be troubled about to open the door for your doggie.

6. Canine Cooling Beds

Humans feel really hot in summers, so do your hairy friends. They might not be comfortable sleeping in the air-conditioned room. But there is a great alternative – The Canine Cooler Beds. These cool beds are specially designed for the fur ball you have.

These beds use technology to give your dog comfort and a cool feeling in summers. It provides long-lasting cooling effects, cushion support with a dry base. These beds are non-electric, non-toxic, puncture free, and easy to clean.

Fleas won’t stick up to your dog’s fur. They hate cool environments. Such beds ease off discomfort, joint or skin problems, and much more.

Susan Combs is a Pet Health and Safety expert working with PetInsuranceeu. Her specialties include keeping up with important issues regarding pet health and pet care, working closely with pet parents to find answers concerning training, grooming and caring for specific breeds of dogs.

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