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Ceragyn Ear Drops (0.5 oz)

Item: C048488
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Ceragyn Ear Drops are specially formulated for extremely dirty ears that may be inflammed or infected. Ear drops are traditionally used to treat ear infections; but, they can also be used to clean ears that are simply mildly irritated. These ear drops utilize Ceragyn's unique Purifect™ ingredient to promote ear health and reduce any discomfort that might be caused by inflammation or infections that your pet is experiencing.

Ceragyn Ear Drops come in a ˝ ounce easy-to-use dropper for your convenience. These Ear Drops are perfect for infected or heavily irritated ears but for regular ear maintenance or dirty ears that don't require extreme car, check out Ceragyn Ear Wash. Ceragyn ear drops are perfect for your pet's ear infections, so order them to add to your pet's first aid kit today!

Key Features:
  • Perfect for treating infected or irritated ears
  • Easy-to-use dropper makes application a breeze
  • Comes in &fac12; oz bottle with dropper top for easy application
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Purifect™, Glycerin, Propanedial, PEG-8/SDMI Copolymer, Hydroxyypropyl Methylcellulose and Water.

    Useful Information

  • For animal use only
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Directions:Apply liberally into the ear canal. Massage the skin over the ear canal. For excessively dirty ears, apply 2-3 times daily over next several days.

    Safe for all animals

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