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Ceragyn Stall Disinfectant (8 oz)

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Ceragyn Stall Disinfectant is perfect for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces, containers and troughs to provide your pet a safe and healthy environment. Ceragyn Stall is specially formulated to be environmentally friendly and safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces and areas. Some of the areas on which this solution is safe to use include veterinary clinics, horse stables, dairy parlors, pet housing and in kennels.

This special formula takes ingredients that work together to create an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution. Ceragyn Stall is a concentrate, so one container that contains 8 fluid ounces to be mixed in with large quantities of water. The specially formulated solution is safe for all animals when the directions and is only available through licensed veterinarians. Ceragyn Stall Disinfectant is the perfect solution to a clean and healthy habitat, so order a bottle for your pets' habitat today.

Key Features:
  • Environmentally friendly and safe for all animals
  • Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution
  • Concentrate comes in 8 oz bottle
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients:Purifect™, Acetic Acid, Zwitterionic Surfactant, Water, Proprietary Blend (Contains Cholorhexidine).

    Useful Information

    Precautions: Safe for all animal use / Safe for use around eyes, mouth & ears / Store at room temperature / Keep out of reach of children / Not for internal use


  • Mix entire contents of bottle into 5 gallons of cool water

  • Mix 50 ml of concentrate into 1 gallon of cool water
  • Clean debris and dirt from stalls
  • Spray surfaces until saturated
  • Can be Sprayed in water containers and feed troughs
  • Not for topical application
  • No rinsing necessary
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