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Certifect Topical Treatment

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The makers of Frontline present, Certifect! We’ve all heard of Frontline, the top selling flea and tick treatment produced by Merial. Merial has come up with another effective formula for our pets! Not only will you be rid of fleas and ticks, but also chewing lice for full control of sarcoptic mange infestations.

What makes Certifect different than Frontline? They both have the same powerful ingredients: (s)-methoprene and fipronil. However, Certifect has an added boost to it. The third active ingredient in Certifect is amitraz. Amitraz is known to be the best insecticide against mite and tick infestations! While Frontline takes nearly 48 hours to kill all ticks, Certifect begins killing ticks within 6 hours. Up to 100% of ticks infesting your dog will be dead within 18 hours. This will provide fast relief of not only fleas, but ticks as well!

Ticks are the common carriers of transmitted diseases so it’s important to keep them away from your pet as much as possible. Otherwise, your furry friend will be at risk for catching Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and other nasty diseases those tiny critters like to carry around. Certifect not only kills the ticks but keeps them repelled far away from your furry friend. Whether you’re a veteran pet owner or an emerging animal lover, you can at least imagine how terribly difficult it is for both you and your buddy to remove ticks burrowed in their skin. Thankfully, the Certifect formula will detach the ticks that have latched themselves on. Neither of you will have to go through that hassle ever again. With Certifect, your pet will get fast relief from both fleas and ticks.

Arm yourself with only the best defenses. A single dose of Certifect keeps your pet protected from biting bugs for up to an entire month. Forget the hassle of scowling over another infestation and grab a Certifect to win the war between humans and pests to keep your pet safe!

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