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EctoAdvance Plus for Dogs

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Did you know that a single female flea lays up to 50 eggs in a single day? Imagine what occurs when your dog is infested. A flea population reproduces by the hundreds and possibly even reaching thousands. That is why it is important to have a top quality flea and tick treatment like EctoAdvance Plus for Dogs on hand. This fast-acting medication utilizes an effective combination of fipronil and (s)-methoprene, the same active ingredients found in the top selling brand, Frontline Plus but at a much lower cost!

EctoAdvance Plus is a spot on treatment that kills fleas, flea eggs, larvae, ticks and chewing lice. The fast-acting formula will kill adult fleas within 12 hours while preventing the next generation of fleas from developing into biting adults. Fipronil is an insecticide that works to kill adult pests including adult fleas and ticks. On the other hand, (s)-methoprene is an insect growth regulator that targets young developing flea eggs and larvae to stop them from growing into full adults. The combination of both of these active ingredients will guarantee you and your pet to stay protected from current and future reinfestations. With the rate of how quickly fleas reproduce, it isnít enough to just eliminate the adults. That is why itís important to have a treatment like EctoAdvance Plus that also kills the next generation of fleas. By also destroying the young eggs and larvae, your pup will be itch-free and protected for up to 30 days with a single application!

Donít let flea infestations drill a hole in your wallet. EctoAdvance Plus provides the same active ingredients with the same efficiency level as Frontline Plus at a fraction of the cost! Kill those pesky insects with a simple convenient application to your petís skin and the medication will do the rest of the work; youíll forget that you ever struggled with getting rid of them in the first place. Itís just that easy!

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