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Cheristin™ for Cats

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Is your cat suffering from an irritable flea infestation? Do you want to prevent future reinfestations or not looking to see an infestation to begin with on your feline? Look no further because Cheristin for Cats is just what you need! Cheristin is a fast acting formula that starts to kill fleas in just 30 minutes after application! This monthly topical treatment will provide quick relief to itching biting bugs in cats and kittens 8 weeks of age and older.

The main active ingredient in this medication is spinetoram. Spinetoram works by targeting the fleas’ nervous systems to cause paralysis and a quick death. It is effective on contact with fleas so they won’t even be able to take a bite before they die. You can find this substance used on many crops and gardens to prevent and eliminate pest infestations. It has been tested and approved for use due to having a low acute toxicity to us humans and our cats. Unfortunately, dogs are more sensitive to spinetoram so be cautious to only expose it to your cat. It pains us all to see our furry friend suffer from itching and scratching. With this active ingredient, they’ll find relief and be itch-free in absolutely no time!

Prevention is always the key to never seeing a single flea ever again. Cheristin for Cats is a long-lasting flea protection treatment that lasts for up to 30 days with a single application. That means for as long as the medication is effective on your kitty, any fleas that try to hop onto them will die on contact, preventing itching bites for good.

Tired of messy sticky residue from applying topical treatments? Ceristin for Cats comes with an easy to use applicator for convenient application. This applicator will efficiently part the fur and thoroughly get the medication onto your kitty’s skin to absorb quickly and begin killing fleas, keeping your cat safe and healthy.

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