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Choosing the Perfect Collar and Leash

When recently asked in our newsletter poll you overwhelmingly voted taking walks with your pet as your pet's favorite summer activity. With the days getting longer and the weather getting hotter, it’s no surprise that walks with your pets gathered nearly half of the total votes. But before you leave the house and hit the trails be sure you have the appropriate gear at hand. Collars and leashes are a must when taking your pet out for a walk; having the proper collar and leash will keep your pet in control for the safety of both your pet and those around you.
In addition to collars and leashes it is essential that every dog and cat have an ID tag.  An ID tag will be the best tool to help aid your pets return should they get lost during their favorite springtime activity.  ID tags should contain emergency contact information such as a return address and other pertinent information that will help care for your pet should they be found.  ID tags come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your pet.
An alternative to standard ID tags are electronic ID tags. Electronic ID tags such as Dog-e-Tags allow you to easily input information such as your pet's allergies, medications, and special needs.
Leash lights and Tazlab Tazlight Dog Safety Lights can be used to light the way for your pet and allows you to be more visible to cars during later evening walks. Leash Lights can be attached on all retractable leashes and contain an additional Velcro attachment for security. Leash Lights use 6 ultra-bright LED bulbs and work over the period of 10,000 hours.
Personalized Pet ID Tags
Starting at $3.99

We personalize pet ID tags and engrave the emergency information contacts on the tag for your convenience!
Depending on the area, many parks and dog parks require that your dog be on a leash at all times. A leash will allow your pet freedom to explore while still giving you control. Leashing your pet will prevent them from exploring grassy brush areas that may harvest fleas, ticks, poison oak, and even snakes. Nearly 80% of snake bites on dogs occur on a dog's nose. Depending on the size of your dog, where it was bitten, and the amount of venom that was released, snake bites can be life threatening. A local pet hospital venom vaccination can cost upwards to $1000.
1. Flexi and Guardian Gear - Retractable leash allows for easy storage when done. comes in Variety of sizes and colors.
2. Nylon Adjustable Leashes - Traditional leash that easily and quickly attaches to most collars.
3. Bottom's Up Leash - Patented hind leg harness that supports dogs with dysplasia, arthritis, and other conditions that affect the hind legs/spine.
The most important thing to look for when choosing a collar is how it fits around your dog or cat. Collars should be loose enough so that you are able to easily place 2 fingers between the collar and your pet's neck. Make certain to pick a collar that has a hook for your pets' ID tag. Collars made of durable nylon or leather prevent snapping.
1. Bamboo Collars - Made of durable nylon. Reflective stitching improves visability at night. Features built in leash as well as an integrated ID card.
2. Checkered Nylon Collars - Two-tone checkerboard pattern. Features a double stitched for extra durability.
3. Premier Quick Snap Collars - Quick snap buckle and adjustable strap ensures comfortable fit. Limited time only, save 75% off Premier Quick Snap Collars and Leashes.
4. Safety First Break-Away Collars - Designed to release should your pet caught. Comes with color coordinated bell and adjustable collar.
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Harnesses are designed for larger pets and pets who need extra control due to medical concerns, behavioral issues, and hyperactivity. We offer a variety of harnesses to keep your pets strapped into your vehicle when driving to protect them from interferring with the operation of your automobile.
1. The Surefit Harness - Comfortable harness that restrains your pets movement while you drive. Comes in a variety of sizes for dogs and puppies of all ages.
2. Canine Auto Safety Harness - Made of high tenacity webbing. Can be used as a front end walking harness by attaching leash
3. Guardian Gear Harness - Has a special design that will keep your pet sitting, lying or standing comfortably without restricting movement in the car.
4. The Sporn Pull Stop Halter - Assists with pets that constantly pull by redirecting leash tension to the area behind your pets front legs. Composed of durable nylon and is 100% safe.
5. Come with me Kitty Harness - Designed to give cats the opportunity to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoor while staying safe.
Collars such as PREVENTIC, Innotek and Breakaway help to keep fleas and tick off your pet. Flea collars are made of a special plastic that slowly releases insecticides to kill adult fleas. Unlike flea collars that use insecticides, Electronic flea collars work by releasing an ultrasonic pulse to “drive out” pests. Many of these flea collars can be used with topical flea treatments such as Advantage or PROGRAM. Before placing using flea and tick collars on your pet, be sure to read all instructions.
1. PREVENTIC Tick Collar by Virbac -Protects your pet against fleas and ticks for up to 3 months. The collar is recommended for use on dog and puppies 3 month or older. PREVENTIC can be used with flea and tick programs such as Advantage or PROGRAM.
2. Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar for Cats helps to kill flea and ticks for up to 6 months. The unique breakaway design allows a cat to free him or herself if the collar catches on a fixed object.
3. Innotek Electronic Flea & Tick Repeller helps to repel parasites through the use of a tiny device that easily and securely attaches to your dog or cats collar. The long lasting lithium battery provides protection against fleas and ticks for up to one year. The Innotek Flea & Tick Repeller can be used on dogs and cats of all ages.
Perfect for the pet with mobility restrictions or any occasion when stylish containment is essential. Pet strollers are all the rage these days. Whether you're taking a trip to the park, or just out for a walk with the family, now the family pet can come with you.
1. Outward Hound Walk N Roll is the ultimate way to take your small pets anywhere you go! Go for long walks without tiring your pets. Ideal for shopping, outings or almost anywhere you'd take a baby in a stroller.
2. The Jeep® Wrangler Pet Stroller is for pets up to 30 lbs. It's great for taking your favorite puppy, kitty, or other small animal with you whereever you go. Also help's your older pets with hip ailments or arthritic joints.
3. AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller is the all new pet stroller that is ideal for pet owners that live in areas where the terrain is a bit rougher. Three 11" wheels make this versatile pet stroller able to conquer any obstacle, regardless of whether it is uneven pavement, or a bumpy trail.
Whether you’re taking your pet for an evening stroll or a brisk morning walk it’s important to have the right gear on hand. Collars, leashes and ID tags are a must for every pet owner.