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  6. Wag Bags Dispenser Bone - BLACK (30 Bags)

Wag Bags Dispenser Bone - BLACK (30 Bags)

Item: WB6158
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Wag Bags® poop pickup Dispenser Bone Starter Pack BLACK with 30 black unscented Bags.

When out with your dog, bring Wag Bags®! Wag Bags makes pickup easy. Turns a dirty job into a job well done. Thank you for keeping our planet clean by picking up after your pet and thank you for choosing Wag Bags by Green Pet Organics®!

  • Available in fun colors, scented and unscented
  • Poo Bags are the standard size and fits in most dispensers
  • Made in a facility staffed by developmentally disabled students and adults.
  • Clean & Quick Doggie Pickup!

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