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How To Keep Your Dog In Shape

How To Keep Your Dog In Shape

When it comes to keeping your dog in the best shape possible, you should never assume that the walk from the family room to the food dish is enough. A responsible owner will, in fact, have to put in a little bit of effort to make sure that their beloved pet is healthy. The tips below should help get you started.

Do Not Overfeed Them

Just about every pet owner has been there. They sit on the floor and give you a particularly sad face, appearing as though they have not been fed in weeks. No matter how badly you may feel you should not give in. Your dog does not need to get treats ten times a day, nor do they need extra helpings of their meals. In addition to staying strong on how often they are fed, you should not give them human food. This may cause them to become ill.

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Simply Wild Pet Food Feeding Guideline
(Cups per day)

3-15 lbs

16-30 lbs

31-50 lbs

51-70 lbs

71-100 lbs

100+ lbs

1/4 to
1 1/4

1 1/4 to
1 1/2

1 1/2 to
2 2/3

2 3/4 to
3 1/4

3 1/4 to
4 1/4

4 1/2*
* Add 1/2 cup of food for every 25 lbs over 100 lbs

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Take Them Outside

A dog that sits around the home all day is not likely to get in much exercise. To combat this, it is a good idea to at least let them wander around the front or back yard. They should run around as much as possible, chasing after a member of the family or simply exploring through the grass. If you do not have a yard, or the yard is too small, you can take your dog for a walk. They will be able to meet other humans and explore new territory, keeping them stimulated.

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Do Not Carry Them Around Too Much

Some pet owners choose to carry their pet around with them. This is usually due to the fact that the dog is small, and the owner does not want their dog to push too hard to do certain things. However, doing everything for the dog does not allow them to stretch their muscles and learn independence. Instead of picking them up to put them on the couch, for example, place a ramp there for them to use. The older the dog gets, the more important it will be for them to stay active.

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How To Keep Your Dog In Shape