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EcoPure Natural Flea & Tick Products

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Ticks and fleas pose a threat to your pet's health and they can even infest your home carpeting, bedding, and upholstery. To provide rapid relief to your pet and keep it safe from parasite-borne diseases, it's your duty to get rid of the infestation as fast as possible. In a bid to achieve fast results, some pet owners often rely on potentially harmful products that are laden with dangerous chemicals. Thankfully, treating a flea or a tick infestation is possible using natural ingredients that do not negatively affect your pet's health. EcoPure Naturals is a great series of products that uses quality natural ingredients such as clove oil, thyme oil, castor oil, and others to keep your pets protected from fleas and ticks. Even though, EcoPure Naturals products are made from all natural ingredients it does not compromise on efficacy. Its careful blend of powerful botanical extracts has an immediate knockdown effect on the tick or flea population. The product uses extremely safe food-grade ingredients to specifically attack the neurotransmitters of the invading bugs. Once applied, it rapidly kills and repels the bugs and prevents future infestations.

People at EcoPure Naturals believe that they have a grave responsibility towards the environment and your pet's wellness. This is why they have made it their mission to carefully select powerful natural ingredients to create quality pet care products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Their line of tick and flea products include shampoo and tick collar which are suited for cats and dogs.

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